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How to care for your jewellery

All Lavani jewels are delicate jewels, made with much care but with natural stones, so you must always treat them with the utmost care, as if they were your favorite clothing!


Follow these simple steps to keep your jewellery perfect year after year:

1. Keep your jewelry away from moisture

Store them in a small bag or in the box in which they were delivered with great care. These will protect it from possible damage or rubbing that could affect the gold plating or the gemstones themselves.

2. Avoid physical damage to jewelry

When dressing, jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Scratches, scratches, scratches or bumps if you drop them are the worst enemies of your jewelry.

3. Don't wear your jewelry while you sleep

Friction, pressure against the sheets, or even involuntary sudden movements, can cause damage to the jewellery, taking away its characteristic lustre or shape.

4. Do not use cologne or cleaning products on them.

In general, avoid contact with other substances that can cause your piece to darken or lose its shine, due to abrasion with chemical products (perfumes, lotions and oils).

5. Remove jewelry when showering, playing sports or swimming.

The pH of the skin and the increased level of body perspiration can cause the bath to be lost more quickly. In addition, you can scratch it and scrape off the gold.

6. Rejuvenate your jewelry by wiping with a cotton cloth

Clean them with warm water and neutral pH soap and a soft toothbrush, then dry them very well with a chamois. Do not rub intensely, as this may wear the gold-plated parts.


Plating of gold

Your gold-plated pieces will last longer with proper care and attention.

1. Don't wash your hands or shower with your jewellery on.

2. Avoid wearing them when you put any kind of moisture or cosmetic on your hands.

3. Take off your jewellery if you're going to use cleaning products or chemicals.

4. Don't wear jewellery while you're excercising.

To clean them, rub them gently with a soft, dry 100% cotton or microfiber cloth. Never use a silver cleaner or polishing cloth on your gold-plated jewelry, as you may damage the gold layer.


Silver 925

Silver can give you a lifetime of shine, but it requires more maintenance than any other metal.

1. Tarnishing is normal, because silver reacts with the elements in the air. This is also accentuated by humidity and heat.

2. Avoid contact with chlorinated water or cleaning products containing bleach.

3. To avoid scratches and marks, store your silver jewellery in its Lavani box or separately in your jewellery box.

Good news, silver can be cleaned very easily! Use a soft cloth to clean it.


Natural stones

All gemstone jewellery is delicate and requires care to preserve the genuine characteristics of each piece.

1. Always protect them from possible impacts. Even diamond, the hardest of stones, can be broken or scratched by sudden or repeated blows.

2. Store your gemstone jewellery separately so they don't rub together.

3. Avoid exposing them to sun, water or chemicals, as certain stones may become paler.

4. Take special care with jewellery made of lapis lazuli, coral or emeralds.

Clean your jewellery if the stones have lost their luster or appear dull, and check the setting periodically.

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Pearls usually last long time, but they are soft and need special care.

1. Avoid pearl jewellery to come into direct contact with makeup or any other chemicals.

2. Store your pearls individually in a cloth-lined box or bag, as they can be easily scratched.

3. Light, heat, soap or detergents can damage the pearls.

4. If you wear your pearls often, have them checked once a year.

How to clean your pearls? Very easy! With a soft cotton cloth, slightly moistened with water, without soap or detergent.

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With the tips in our blog you will learn how to take care of your Lavani jewelry. Follow our guidelines and you will make your jewelry last over time and be as beautiful and shiny as the first day. With our recommendations you will know how to maintain and preserve your gold plated jewelry or your silver jewelry.

Take good care of your Lavani jewellery and wear them for a long time!

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