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Designer jewellery Made in Spain

Cristina is our Creative Director, responsible, along with the Design Team led by Laura, for carrying out each of our pieces.

Our jewelry is contemporary creationsOur jewelry is made with the utmost attention to detail, with top quality materials and authentic craftsmanship. LAVANI pieces are a unique combination of style and spirit, which in all their complexities portray femininity in all its complexities.

We continually strive to make our jewelry sculptural and unique but fundamentally timeless.We continually strive to make our jewels timeless, so that they can remain the star pieces of your jewelry box for a long time.

We design unique jewelry for authentic womenWe design unique jewelry to reflect your personality, your style and your story. Creations designed to be worthy of the woman who wears them, and to develop great emotional relevance.

Our sustainable production

Manufacturing sustainably is not only our motto, it is our method. We continually strive to be a zero-waste company. That is why our business model is low inventory, which allows us to effectively scale our production according to customer needs and demands, thus avoiding the waste and contamination of mass production. Every piece we make is sold, recycled or reinvented.

In addition, we travel the world to source our pearls and natural stones from family-owned establishments that support local communities. We always try to move in the right direction, continuously learning and exploring new possibilities.

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Beauty at hand

Beauty, quality and careful attention to detail define our LAVANI jewelry. Each piece is handmade in our workshopsEach piece is handmade in our workshops, set in high quality metals such as sterling silver or brass, and tested to be hypoallergenic.

We believe that every piece of jewelry should be uniquejust like the people who wear and enjoy it. That is why we celebrate the particular character of each of our stones and metals, highlighting their special qualities, such as internal inclusions or the irregular and imperfect shape of hand-cut stones.


Every piece of jewellery should be unique, just like the people who wear and enjoy it.

Why no two Lavanis are alike

As you may already know, we always use natural semi-precious stones in our designs. These stones, besides being an added value to the whole process of manual creation of the jewelry, give it a distinctive and unique touch.

Nature is beautiful and provides us with stones of all colors, sizes and shapes. Thanks to this and to the manual process of stone cutting that our artisans perform one by one, we achieve that each jewel has its tone, its sparkles and its distinctive characteristics that differentiate it from any other Lavani design, even if it is the same model.

A jewel, a story

Our inspiration comes from almost everywherefrom the mysteries of historical jewels, to the life cycles of nature, to everything around us: architecture, art, and travel. For us, inspiration comes at the right time, and we have to keep our eyes open for new discoveries.

Each collection has its own historyWe love that the client is fully introduced in the moodboard of inspiration and influences of each of the pieces.


From the sketch to the final piece

The sketch

Inspiration comes from everywhere: nature, travel, catwalks, trends... The ideas we have, we capture them in a quick sketch, on paper, as in the old days. And then... magic happens! The digitization of design begins. 


The 3D model

In the studio we edit, refine and adjust each design to outline all the details, finishes, proportions, textures, stones, volumes and reliefs... always taking care of the smallest detail.


The mould

And with all this, we have the piece that we can print in 3D, which will be the base we use to create the mold of the jewel with molten wax. Once we have the mold, we do what in fashion is called "fitting". We test and retest on many people to make sure it is the perfect shape for everyone.


The final piece

With all this we would already have the final piece, although we still have to go over all the details so that we do not miss any of them. If necessary, the piece is hand carved to achieve the look and feel we are looking for. Once we have a clear idea of what the mold will look like, production begins!

The lost wax casting technique

All LAVANI pieces are made in our workshops by hand, using traditional jewelry techniques. The first of the pieces, in many cases, is sculpted by hand, to later make the mold that will give rise to all the pieces, using the ancient method of lost wax casting.

Our softly polished or brushed textures can only be achieved with high quality hand finishes.

Natural stones

Natural stones have been part of our DNA from the very beginning. We started making dyed pieces with natural quartz druse, being pioneers in Spain in using this stone in designer jewelry.

Today we have a catalog of natural, semi-precious and precious stones of vibrant colors and responsible origin, coming from various parts of the world. Our experts carefully select each stone individually, paying special attention to its color and texture, so that they look spectacular once cut.

Sometimes, we use the "raw" stone, that is, as nature provides it to us. Other times, we carve it and add facets, to give them shine. The carving of the stones is a very laborious process, since they have to fit the mold we have created.

Our gold plating

All our gold-plated pieces are plated with 2 or 3 microns of gold. This micronage is much higher than the European production, and means that the jewelry is plated two and three times in a row, achieving a thick layer of gold. This process allows the fusion of pure metals, without nickel or other alloys of inferior metals.

In addition, all our jewelry has a final lacquered layer. This layer protects the metal, preventing it from scratching, making the bath last longer and avoiding allergies.


Hypoallergenic jewellery

Free of cadmium, tin and nickel. With a layer of protective lacquer and noble metals to take care of you.

Why our jewellery does not cause allergies

All our jewelry is hypoallergenic. From Lavani's workshop, we are very aware that many of you are allergic to some metals. For this reason, we work every day to ensure that all our jewelry is allergy-free:

- We do not use cadmium, tin or nickel in any of our jewellery, as these are the main allergens.

- All pieces are finished with a final coat of protective lacquer, which prevents you from developing an allergy.

- We use only noble metals, as they are proven to be hypoallergenic.

Designs registered at the Patent and Trademark Office

Once we have the three-dimensional design, we send it to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office to validate the registration and patent of the industrial design. The designs undergo a careful study, since the SPTO must ensure that it is a totally original model. Only when we have the industrial registration file approved, we have the collection ready to launch!

This is an exceptional step that we take to ensure the originality of our models and to avoid that other companies produce them with poorer quality that can be detrimental to your purchase. Always choose the original, say no to copies.


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