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March 8: Women's Day


Lavani Feminist MessagesFeminist Messages Lavani 2

Today is a day to celebrate women. A day when, no matter who you are, where you come from, or where you are. It is important that we all look in the same direction: a future in which gender equality is a reality. This equality, in addition to being a basic and fundamental right, is the basis for the world to be a reasonable, sustainable and prosperous place. And we all have to work to achieve it. In our day to day, step by step, even the smallest action makes all the difference. When listening, discussing or speaking in different situations, we encourage you to act as much as you can. Unfortunately, this reality of equality is still a long way off. But by joining hands and working together for the same purpose, men and women, that horizon will come faster and faster.

Ana Bella Foundation Pendant

From Lavani we have always wanted to send a message of equality and respect between men and women. In fact, Lavani is a company founded by two women, in which 90% of the employees are young women, and the majority of the audience is female. We consider ourselves women who fight for their dreams by taking on the great project that is Lavani, demonstrating that anything is possible, and that we are as capable as any man. In addition, wanting to use our position with a general public for a useful and necessary purpose, we decided a few months ago to launch a totally solidary pendant whose benefits go entirely to the Ana Bella Foundation: the "No more tears" necklace. And precisely in this foundation, women who are survivors of gender violence help others who are going through this difficult situation. What captivated us was the use of empathy and self-improvement they employ to support women, sending a positive and hopeful message, so they can be empowered and live happily ever after. And we admire even more the woman who created it, Ana Bella herself, a survivor and entrepreneur.

This is why we want to send a positive message today, for all people to support each other, regardless of gender, and encourage each other to fight for our dreams, aspirations and ambitions.

Happy Women's Day 1Happy women's day 2Happy women's day 3

Finally, we leave you here with a video that we wanted to make with all our hearts as a tribute to all women on this 8th March that means so much to us.


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