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Scorpio sign and Scorpio birthstone.

Although there were many things we learned in the process of making each of our zodiac jewelry, the sign of Scorpio occupied a special place. Being one of the most intense signs of the zodiac, the study and analysis of the reality that accompanied it was, without a doubt, one of our greatest discoveries.

Do you want to know more about a Scorpio? Enter their universe!

Set of constellations Scorpio sign

If we are honest, before we started with all this, we were also among those who thought that Scorpio was that "complicated sign" characterized by its reserved character and its lack of accessibility. However, it was only when we learned more that we realized that, in reality, we didn't know anything. That Scorpio was, without a doubt, someone worth talking about.

Read on and find out everything we can tell you about Scorpio!

1. What Scorpio is like: Scorpio's personality

In a world of qualities to begin with, the intensity with which Scorpio lives everything is something worth noting. A paradigmatic intensity that is transferred to any area of their lives (love, work, friendships), making them completely involved in everything they do.

Although this does not mean that there are times when things do not work out. However, a true Scorpio does not give up, but is willing to start from scratch as many times as necessary to reach the depth that, for him, is key in life.

That is why, in love, when a Scorpio falls in love, being a passionate sign and full of character, he/she tends to give him/herself without hesitation, trying to give everything to keep their relationship strong and stable (although it will be difficult to conquer him/her).

In addition, Scorpios are characterized by being especially loyal and can trust them with any kind of secret with the peace of mind that they will not tell. However, that same intimacy that they respect from the rest, is what they demand.

With it, people of this sign are especially mysterious people whose intimacy and essence they carry very hidden. So, only by showing them your most sincere layer, far from the mundane superficial ones, you will be able to gain their trust to get to know them better, but never get them to fully reveal themselves to you. For that, it goes against their nature.

Likewise, those of this sign are identified with the phoenix since they can endure extreme situations thanks to their patience and their personality, making them always bring out the best of themselves in the most desperate moments instead of blocking themselves.

2. Scorpio Zodiac Stones

The main stones to which Scorpio's personality traits are attached are:

Amethyst is one of the violet stones that stands as one of the best amulets that a Scorpio person can carry. It allows the energy to be purified, allowing to promote positive thoughts and decreasing the negative ones. It is especially effective when worn around the neck.

Amethyst birthstone zodiac sign Scorpio

The opal is another stone par excellence of the Scorpio sign and it favors the emotional balance allowing to appease the very impulsive characters such as those of the Scorpio.

Opal birthstone birth sign Scorpio zodiac sign


Malachite is an ideal gemstone for Scorpio as it serves against the evil eye. In addition, this stone is ideal because it allows us to identify the negative side of each other, which can be the source of our envy and jealousy, and helps to fight it.


Malachite birthstone zodiac sign Scorpio


3. Constellation and zodiac sign of Scorpio

Being in the center of the Milky Way, Scorpius is a fairly visible constellation identifiable by its inverted hook shape with three branches at the top of the hook .

The brightest star in the constellation is called by "The Heart of the Scorpion" or also called Antares, called by the Greeks Contra-Mars, which is located in the center and from which a reddish color is emitted.

With respect to the zodiac sign, we can not stay only in one because, the truth is that, although there are several types of Scorpio, there are three zodiac signs among which we can distinguish. They are:

The gray lizard: This is the symbol of the Scorpio who does not know how to exploit his energy, causing him not to find his place in the world and, if he does not learn to use his energy properly, he can enter into a loop of bad life harmful to himself.

Scorpio: It is the part of the Scorpio characterized by that warrior eagerness and their strong and intense character, which brings out their most dominant side.

Eagle: It is the evolved Scorpio that is related to the rebirth of the Phoenix Bird that has learned how the world works. They have a high willpower, know how to face the most adverse situations and get out of them and value the effort to achieve what they propose, being a sign that attracts good things.

4. Horoscope jewelry

That's why, to share our love for the universes, stars and horoscopes with you, at LAVANI we have created the Zodiac collection, in which you can find ideal and original pendants for each sign of the zodiac you belong to. Zodiac collection in which you can find ideal and original pendants for each sign of the zodiac to which you belong, whatever it is! Enter the collection and discover what the Scorpio pendant looks like!

5. Jewelry that goes with Scorpio's personality

Being Scorpio one of the most intense and strongest signs of the zodiac, when looking for jewelry to wear, it is important that they represent the same strength that characterizes the person who wears them.

Therefore, for the Scorpio, people, at first sight reserved, but whose full confidence will allow you to discover a world full of sensitivity, we would recommend the Kasia Aquamarine earrings, as well as the green and pink Madison earrings. Modern and sophisticated pieces, but not too flashy, that invite you to know more to discover all that hides the person who wears them.

Regarding necklaces, options such asThe Moon Circulation Choker with or the Twiggy necklace are the ideal options to give style to our looks, but without being too overloaded.

Finally, for those of you who are on the "ring team" like many of us, options such as the Birthstone November ringring, as well as the Fuchsia, could be options full of character and intensity ideal for a more daring Scorpio!

Enter our website and discover all those jewels with which you would most identify yourself!


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