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The 7 universal laws of esotericism

The 7 universal laws of esotericism, also known as Kybalion laws, are a set of ideas that serve as a tool to better understand our reality. All of them are collected in the esoteric book of the Kybalion and are a source of wisdom to face many of the problems around us.

Know these 7 laws of esotericism!

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Today at LAVANI you will learn and discover what the 7 laws of esotericism are and how they affect you.

Keep reading and delve into the world of esotericism! What are you waiting for?

1. Law of Correspondence

This first law is also known as the law of the mirror, because it means that everything you experience and how you do it is due to the way in which you perceive reality. It is summarized in the following statement: "As above so below, as inside so outside." Thus, this influences your personal relationships, if there is something you want to change about a person with whom you do not feel related, you must first change your perception of that person.

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2. Law of Cause and Effect

This law, also known as the law of Karma in many places, means that "every cause has its effect" . Therefore, all our actions will have consequences or effects that will be returned to us with the same energies with which we did it. Even if it is not in the short term and we do not see it at that moment, it will eventually happen.

3. Law of Vibration

All people are moved by vibrations and although we do not want things to change, the universe does not think the same. This universal law tells us that we have to accept that in the end nothing is constant and that whether we want it or not, everything is in motion. We cannot avoid it and we can only accept it.

4. Law of Mentalism

The law of mentalism explains that everything before becoming a reality is first an idea in our mind. We cannot ignore how powerful the mind is and how it is always the origin of everything physical. To use this principle in our favor you have to remember that both our thoughts and our actions must be in harmony, so direct your thoughts where you want your actions to go!

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5. Law of Polarity

This law defends the duality of our reality, that is, everything has its pair of opposites. There cannot be love without hate, wealth without poverty, happiness without sadness,... One of the ways to interpret this law of Kybalion is that, to change a situation or feeling, you must first understand what its opposite is like. In this way you will be able to change what torments you because as the law of vibration also explains, we do not live in a constant, everything changes. Thus, we can go from one situation to its opposite.

6. Law of Rhythm

The law of rhythm explains how everything ebbs and flows like a pendulum. In life, everything has its time and its cycles, so you have to follow its rhythm and trust that everything happens in the end. So remember, if you are having a bad time due to a situation, everything passes and in the end the moment will come when you are better. The important thing is to understand that everyone has their cycles and you have to let it flow, don't compare yourself with the rhythm of others and respect the times that the universe has for each thing.

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7. Law of Generation

The last of the 7 universal laws maintains that in everything there is a masculine and feminine principle. What it wants to tell us is that there are characteristics of both genders and by integrating them into our lives we can live in that long-awaited harmony. Protective and receptive energies are associated with the feminine; while the conquering and progressive energies with the masculine.

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