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Jewelry for brides according to your dress

We know how difficult it is to choose every detail of a wedding and the jewelry you will wear on that special day is no less. That's why at Lavani we are going to help you discover how easy it is to select the jewelry taking into account aspects of the dress, hairstyle and ceremony.

Want to know what jewelry is perfect for your wedding day? Find out!

bride running with halter neckline dress

Today in LAVANI we tell you everything you need to know to choose your jewelry for your big day.

Read on and find out how to choose the ideal jewelry for your wedding day!

1. Before choosing your bridal jewelry

The moment of choosing jewelry for your big day can be exciting, but also overwhelming. That's why it's important to choose jewelry that you feel comfortable with and that you feel yourself in. In addition, it is also advisable that the jewelry can be worn on other important occasions.

Finding the right balance in the design of the dress, hairstyle and jewelry is essential for the result to be an elegant and romantic look.

The new Bridal collection features a selection of jewelry delicately chosen for that special moment that you will remember so fondly.

2. Bridal jewelry according to the dress

As we already know, your whole look should be in harmony so that the jewelry complements the dress and enhances you. That is why it is essential to take into account aspects such as the neckline, style and color of the dress when choosing the right jewelry.

Depending on the neckline.

Square neckline.

If you have decided for a square neckline, it is important that the necklace you wear is not too long, so that it is a few centimeters above. The best option will be a choker or a necklace like the Riviere choker style that will bring light and natural elegance.

square neckline bride dress

If, on the other hand, you prefer to focus on the earrings and give them more prominence, you can opt for some long ones like Justice to do without the necklace.

Boat neckline.

For this closed but very sophisticated neckline, leaving more skin uncovered, flashy chokers or natural stones are perfect options. This neckline allows you to create many combinations in the area near the neck. If you are a lover of chokers, you can dare with The Empress choker, you will be able to capture that elegance.

boat neckline bride

In this case, earrings are a must, you can't deny that they will give more depth to your look and some like the Zeus will give you luminosity.


As with the square neckline, the necklace that best suits this neckline is one that is not longer than the neckline itself.

So in this case, the Karma moonstone pendant in silver would be a very good choice. For the earrings you can opt for small ones like the Padma Blanco or longer ones that look like unique jewelry and thus dispense with the pendant.

Halter neckline.

With such a sensual neckline, it is best not to complement it with a necklace, as it already adorns the neck by itself.

halter sweetheart neckline dress

What you can not miss are small earrings like the Silver Cinema White or Karma that give a romantic and sophisticated touch.


According to the style of the dress

The jewelry we wear that day must complement our dress and its style, since for example the look will change a lot if it is a classic style to a more modern one with asymmetrical cuts.

If your dress is of a more classic style, it will be best to opt for elegant jewelry such as pearls or precious stones. But if you have opted for a more boho style your jewelry can have a more casual and informal touch. Many brides also decide to opt for minimal dresses, much simpler, so a fine pendant or earrings in that style will bring harmony. But if you are one of those who have dared with a more modern dress, original earrings will be the perfect choice.

Depending on the color of the dress

The color of the dress is also something that influences the choice of the color of your jewelry, because although dresses are usually white, there are many shades that will affect in one way or another the final look.

If you have opted for a nuclear white dress, white gold or silver are the best choice for accessories. But if it is a champagne tone, both gold and silver jewelry will suit you, so you will have more to choose from! If you are one of those who have dared with other colors in the dress, diamonds or rose gold will combine perfectly.


Depending on the time and place of the event

As it is not the same to get married during the day than at night, it is natural that the choice of your jewelry will also have to go accordingly. In addition, if the place is open like a garden or if on the contrary it is a closed place like a hotel, will also be aspects that will influence.

wedding celebration decoration

For daytime weddings, it is best to opt for simple accessories; but if it is an evening wedding, you can dare to wear more original jewelry such as oversized or colorful earrings like the Portobello.

If you have decided to celebrate the wedding in a garden or any outdoor location, it is best to opt for fine and simple jewelry such as Dafne Blanco earrings. But if you have chosen a closed wedding hall, the jewelry can be of a more casual and colorful tone.


4. According to hairstyle and face shape

Along with the dress, there are many other details of the look that influence the choice of jewelry.

As we already know, each face is different and there are earrings that give you more light if your face is one way or another.

If your face shape is round, long earrings that stylize will be the best option. But if you want to avoid angular shapes if you have a square face, more curved earrings will achieve that balance. Elongated faces go best with earrings with volume, so avoid long, straight earrings.

The hairstyle is also a decisive factor in your choice of jewelry, since you can't wear the same earrings if you wear your hair up or down. If you have opted for a half up-do, it will be best to wear button or round earrings like the Amal earrings. But if you have chosen to wear your hair down, you will want a pair of earrings with stones like the Rivoli.

If you want to know more about which earrings to choose according to your face shape, don't hesitate and find out in our post!


5. The rest of the accessories should be in accordance with the following

As we have seen, there are other accessories such as the headdress that must be taken into account and that influence the final result. To achieve that harmony you should know that, for example, if your headdress is small, you can combine it with larger jewelry while if it is a striking and large headdress, it is best to wear simpler jewelry. There is a wide range of headpieces to choose from, from small brooches to large flower crowns.

bridal headdress  

6. Other important aspects of bridal jewelry

The essential thing is that your final outfit breathes harmony and that this is reflected in the combination of all the accessories of the wedding dress. As the dress is one of the protagonists that day, avoid buying jewelry before the dress to make it easier for you to choose earrings, pendants, ...

Another tip is to know that less is always more, it is best to opt for simple accessories to bring light.

Finally, don't forget that the jewelry you choose has to be comfortable and reflect who you are on that special day.

beach bride

From LAVANI we hope we have helped you to choose your br idal jewelry for the big day. Do not hesitate and discover our Bridal collection to let yourself be carried away by that magic and romanticism that you will always remember.


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