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Libra sign and its birthstone.

LAVANI is so fond of everything related to stones, universe, mysticism and much more, the zodiac signs could not be a topic that remained in the shadows. Talking so much about oneself, even sometimes without us even knowing it, it seems at least worth talking about it a little bit.

Are you or do you have a Libra in your life? Enter their universe and that of their stone!

Horoscope zodiac sign libra

While all signs deserve their due attention, today we want to focus on libra! Being a quintessential Libra, we can say openly and in the most honest way possible that Libra is so amazing and extraordinary that a post is (at the very least!) what she deserves.

Read on and find out all about the sign of Libra and its stones!

1. What Libra is like: Libra's Personality

If you are born between September 22 and October 22, today we are going to tell you what are the personality traits of Libra.

Being Venus, the planet of love, their main ruler, Librans are characterized by being charming, loyal and very romantic. For this reason, personal relationships are one of the main driving forces in their lives. For Librans, the people they relate to bring them balance, serenity and enrich them, allowing them to discover facets of themselves that they did not even know. That is why when they interact with others, they like to do it well, establishing close and intimate relationships that allow them to build stronger ties, beyond meeting with many people in a rowdy environment.

However, the fact that they are not particularly fond of crowded environments does not mean that they do not know how to be. Libras are empathetic people with whom it is easy to engage in conversation. They have a special gift for knowing how people feel, making them feel comfortable and wanting to be around them.

However, this can sometimes be a problem since, by worrying so much about the comfort of others, trying to value everyone's opinions, they can be plunged into moments of stress and frustration because it is excessively complicated to find a solution that pleases everyone. Here lies, above all, the source of their enigmatic indecision that characterizes them so much, a consequence of always taking everything into account. Likewise, the fact of wanting to please everyone makes it sometimes difficult for them to say the things that make them uncomfortable for fear that it will affect their relationships.

Finally, Librans are creative people who see the world differently and whose eagerness to broaden their horizons knows no bounds. That is why jobs that involve writing or visual communications can be good and rewarding jobs for them.

2. Libra zodiacal stone

If you are Libra, there are several stones and crystals that you should have within your reach to attract good energies, love and prosperity in your life. Some of them are:

The rose quartz that allows us to strengthen the understanding towards oneself. With it, the Libra's inner relationship will improve, making self-love improve, having as an inevitable result, the improvement and prosperity of their personal and love relationships.

Rose quartz sign libra stone

On the other hand, Chrysocolla helps to harmonize emotions, especially those centered on love, helping to heal wounds and heal moods, bringing out the calm and peaceful side of the pounds, away all anger, aggression etc..

Chrysocolla libra stone sign

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of wisdom and royalty that helps pounds to improve their introspection, increasing awareness and self-knowledge, helping consciousness to clear and become clearer.

Lapis lazuli Libra stone sign

3. Constellation and zodiac sign of Libra

Libra is the seventh constellation of the zodiac, without stars of magnitude 1 (the brightest), which makes it the discreet constellation that lies between Virgo and Scorpio. There are 83 stars that form this constellation and that, united diagonally, giving the sensation that they hang from each other, make Libra present the shape of a scale, representing justice, equality and balance, being this the zodiacal sign that represents it.

4. Jewelry for the Libra horoscope

That's why, to share our love for the universes, stars and horoscopes with you, LAVANI has created the Zodiac collection in which you can find ideal and original pendants for each sign of the zodiac you belong to, whatever it is! Enter the collection and discover what the Libra pendant looks like!

5. Jewelry that goes with Libra's personality

Just as our sign speaks for us, so does our jewelry. That's why we believe it's important to wear jewelry that represents us. Jewelry that speaks of who we really are and tries to reflect the truest image we have of ourselves.

Therefore, for the Libras, loving, empathic, friendly, intimate and creative, we would recommend jewelry like the Manhattan full of light and life as a true Libra or the colorful and with movement Ibiza earrings colorful and with movement that, being different, are not too extravagant for a Libra.

Regarding the necklaces, pieces such as the Riviere Victoire as well as the Fortune Wheel are perfect choices because they give color and style to those who, without wanting to be the center of attention, want to be elegant, aesthetic and transmit good energies, as a Libra does.

Finally, we know that you Libras like to be aesthetically pleasing, but without being too ornate. So, rather than rings with classic shapes and settings that resemble the antique, simpler but aesthetically ideal options such as the or the Denali would be the perfect complement!

Enter our website and discover all those jewels with which you would most identify yourself!

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