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Sagittarius. Characteristics of your sign.

Since time immemorial, astrology and all that the horoscope can decipher about our personality or our future, has been of interest to almost everyone. But, in addition, our sign can also tell us how others perceive us or with which people we will be more compatible throughout life.

What is the personality of Sagittarius?

Today in Lavani we tell you much more about this sign.

Intuitive, good organizers, generous and very careful, they become good managers of situations and projects.

Sagittarius belongs to the mutable signs and its element is fire. As we have already mentioned, it is one of the most resplendent and positive signs of the zodiac. It is versatile, loves adventures and seeking new horizons and has an open mind.

1.What Sagittarius is like: Sagittarius' personality

In the case of Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, it has a positive nature and a mutable quality. Together with Leo and Aries, it belongs to the fire element and is ruled by Jupiter. Its opposite sign and complement is Gemini. It is represented by the symbol of the archer's arrow.

What the Sagittarius woman is like

Sagittarius women are people who are characterized by being great lovers of life and this is something that makes them stand out at any time and situation in their lives. They love truth and freedom and are also great lovers of family. In love they are one of the luckiest people there can be and women born under this sign go out of their way to ensure that their relationships with their partners go wonderfully and that there is no routine or moments of boredom.


2. Sagittarius Zodiac Stones

Topaz is the stone that acts as a compass in their adventures, as it connects them with their own wisdom. They especially value the truth and in their daily adventures they are tracking a broader and deeper knowledge of reality.

Other stones in tune with Sagittarius could be: amethyst, blue lace agate, chalcedony, citrine, spinel, garnet, lapis lazuli, pink tourmaline, ruby, smoky quartz, sodalite, snowflake obsidian.

lapis lazuli sagittarius zodiac stone

Sagittarius constellation

Sagittarius is the largest constellation in the southern hemisphere and the fifteenth largest constellation in the universe. It has many bright stars and is quite visible to the naked eye. But where is Sagittarius located?

It is located in the center of the Milky Way. It is a constellation bordered by Capricorn and Scorpius as well as Aquila, Scutum, Serpens Cauda and Corona Australis among many other constellations.

Sagittarius zodiac constellation

4. Sagittarius zodiac sign

In astrology, Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, of a positive nature symbolizing higher consciousness, and its symbol represents the archer's arrow. It belongs, together with Aries and Leo, to the fire element. It is also ruled by Jupiter. It is ruled by Jupiter and its opposite sign and complement is Gemini.


5. Jewelry for Sagittarius horoscope

What jewelry goes with the Sagittarius personality? We show them to you:

Sagittarius zodiac sign necklace

Triple Zodiac Sagittarius Constellation Necklace

Charm zodiac sagittarius zodiac constellation sign

Sagittarius zodiac stone necklace 

The reality is that all this is surprising, isn't it? Enter THE LAVAZINE and discover much more about the horoscope.



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