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Taurus: What jewels represent you best?

Since ancient times, astrology and all that the horoscope is able to decipher about our personality or our future, has interested everyone.

Are you or do you have a Taurus in your life? Enter their universe and that of their stone! 

Today in Lavani we tell you how this sign is and its personality traits. Dare to discover all the stones linked to this zodiac sign and what jewelry goes with Taurus.


1.What Taurus is like: Taurus personality

If you were born between April 20 and May 20, today we will tell you everything that characterizes your sign: Taurus. They are people who are distinguished by having a strong personality, they are determined and earthy as the element that represents them. Taurus have a great working spirit and do not hesitate to get involved and help those in need, as they are driven by their sense of justice.

Thus, it could be said that they are people with their feet on the ground, not very dreamy and always looking for stability. A Taurus appreciates natural, physical love, as it keeps them true to reality. It is this attachment to the material that can be a weakness in relationships, although their big heart is something that characterizes them, as they are very loyal. In love, Taurus natives are very passionate and feel deeply. They are very selective with their partners and hope to find someone who complements them and makes them feel secure.

Those born under the Taurus sun are also known for their emotional stability and perseverance in their goals. They like to enjoy being surrounded by luxuries and comforts, that is, the pleasures of life, but always with a great sense of responsibility.

2.Taurus zodiacal stone

If you are Taurus your birthstone is... the Emerald! Each sign of the zodiac is linked to a birthstone that brings you a connection and certain properties. Taurus are stable people who like to feel secure, so with the effect of this stone you will neutralize your worries and fears. In addition, it will allow you to make decisions in a clear way by helping you to concentrate.

Emerald stone Taurus horoscope

Emerald, a green gemstone, is also associated with elegance and luxury, hence its appeal to Taurus women. This birthstone is also considered a good luck charm that attracts peace and stability, which Taurus women seek.


3. Taurus constellation

As a zodiac constellation, Taurus represents the head and legs of its symbol, the bull. Although the constellation is not easy to see, its most visible star is Aldebaran, which constitutes the eye of the bull.

taurus constellation

4. Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and their element is earth. They are those born between April 20 and May 20 and are associated with perseverance, hence their symbol is the bull, as they like to have things clear and under control.

5. Jewelry for the Taurus horoscope

The Zodiac Collection manages to represent the personality aspects of each sign through the different combinations with constellations, symbols and coins. In the case of Taurus, its own strength and perseverance are reflected with the green onyx gemstone. With the Taurus Triple Zodiac Necklace you can wear an authentic piece of jewelry that is true to your style.

6. Jewelry that goes with the Taurus personality

As we know, Taurus are people who seek stability and very affectionate, so their jewelry should convey how they are, with that good heart that represents them. In addition to their birthstone: the Emerald, other stones that are associated with this sign are malachite, aquamarine, agate or topaz.

At Lavani, the emerald, the birthstone of Taurus, can be found in such special jewelry as the handcrafted Judy ring ring or the ring Esmeralda Mayo. But also in necklaces like the Esmeralda Olivenza, a model made with beads of the stone itself carved by hand with that green color that characterizes it.

Malachite brings balance and harmony, so if you are looking for a classical design, the Petra pendant pendant is a must-have for your looks. Although if you are a fan of irregular earrings, the agate stone is perfect for you, since no two are alike; the Quebec o Zeus are an accessory with a unique charm that bring shine and elegance. Finally, you will reactivate your personal power and calmness with the Stardust o The Stardust or RivoliRivoli Rosette Ring, properties associated with the aquamarine stone.

Enter Lavani and discover all the jewelry that best represents a true Taurus!


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