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The sign of Leo and its birthstone

Although there were many things we learned in the process of making each of our zodiac jewelry, the sign of Leo occupied a special place. Being one of the strongest signs of the zodiac, the study and analysis of the reality that accompanied it was, without a doubt, one of our greatest discoveries.

Do you want to know more about a Leo and enter their universe?

Leo sign and its stone

Because even we didn't know what this curious zodiac sign was hiding until we decided to bring out our amazing Zodiac collection. Enter our post and discover much more about everything Leo hides!

What Leo is like: Leo's personality

If you are one of those people born between July 22 and August 23, you are in luck! You're a Leo and this post is specifically for you! So, pay attention, today we are going to tell you, everything that your zodiac sign speaks for you.

According to the trends set by this incredible and amazing zodiac sign, Leo is undoubtedly the most dominant of all. Therefore, its comparison with the lion, popularly known as the king of the jungle, in aspects such as bravery, strength or independence, comes as little surprise. In addition, Leo is also known as the leader of nature.

In addition, Leo people are creative, enthusiastic and very self-confident, as well as very open-minded. This has a great place within their many other qualities such as their understanding and sociability.

As far as their emotional side is concerned, it is true that Leo has a good heart and is generous. However, he must be careful because something typical of the people of this sign is that they are a little egocentric, arrogant and a little stubborn at times to which they tend to attract too much luxury and ostentation.

2. Leo zodiacal stone

Like every zodiac sign, Leo also has some specific stones that will serve to enhance its natural gifts and improve its weaknesses, improving its true essence .

Being the sign of fire, it is represented by colored stones or dark stones such as Amethyst, Tiger's Eye or Carnelian, each of them providing different energies and helping to protect them.

For its part, the Amethyst transmits a calming energy that balances your potential without taking away your passion. On the other hand, Tiger's Eye is the traditional stone of Leo that, combining the energy of the earth and the sun, helps, supports and balances to enhance your inner strength. Last but not least, Carnelian helps to foster creativity and vitality.

Tiger eye as a stone of the Leo zodiac sign

3. Constellation of Leo

Leo is the constellation located between Cancer and Virgo and it has several main stars and several meteor showers associated with them that are usually seen in winter. Its brightest star is called Regulus and is very close to the ecliptic, which is the path that the sun follows in the sky every year. Therefore, every year from mid-August to mid-September, the sun crosses Leo.

Among the 13 constellations of the zodiac, it is one of the most recognizable in the night sky, and most people find it by first looking for a unique pattern in the dome of the sky: the upside-down question mark pattern.

4. Leo zodiac sign

Leo is known to be the fifth sign of the zodiac, the third of positive nature and the second of fixed quality. It symbolizes life force and its symbol is the lion's mane. It also belongs to the element of fire and is ruled by the sun. Its opposite sign is Aquarius.

5. Jewelry for Leo horoscope

Therefore, in order to share our love for the universes, stars and horoscopes with you, LAVANI has produced the Zodiac collection collection in which you can find ideal and original pendants for each sign of the zodiac you belong to, whatever it is! Enter the collection and discover the look of the Leo pendant looks like!

6. Jewelry that matches Leo's personality

Being Leo one of the bravest and strongest signs of the zodiac, when looking for jewelry to wear, it is important that they represent the same strength that characterizes the person who wears them.

Therefore, for the Leo, independent, strong, courageous and daring people, we would recommend alternatives such as our multicolor Lempicka Earcuff as well as our earrings the Meditation Fuchsia. Modern and daring pieces that invite you to know more to discover all that hides the person who wears them.

With regard to necklaces, options such as our Rinaldi rigid choker Rinaldi rigid choker or one of our incredible and sophisticated cards are the ideal are the ideal options to give style to our looks, but without being too overdone.

Finally, for those of you who are on the "ring team" like many of us, options like the July Birthstone ring o Augustas well as any variant of our Teer ring ring or our Mora Tiger Eye ring, would be ideal choices full of character and intensity for a brave and confident Leo!

Enter our website and discover all those jewels with which you would most identify yourself! https://lavanijewels.com/


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