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The sign of Aries and its stone

During the manufacturing process of each of our zodiac jewelry we learned a lot about them, but the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, captivated us. The reality of Aries is that he is a leader and wastes energy and passion... Now we understand many things...

Do you want to know more about an Aries? Enter your universe!

If we are honest, before starting all this, we were also one of those who thought that Aries was that "restless sign" characterized by wanting to push forward at all costs. However, it was just when we knew more, when we realized that, in reality, we knew nothing: Aries was, without a doubt, someone who deserved to make his concerns known.

1. Aries personality female traits

Welcome to the world of Aries, in case there is any doubt, the first sign of the zodiac: energetic, adventurous and always ready to take on new challenges.

Aries, many know you for being an impulsive person and full of energy in equal parts. Looking for new challenges that stimulate your adventurous spirit, without fear of taking risks to reach your goal.

If we find any fault with Aries, it's their reputation for being a bit stubborn and stubborn, although we won't find evil in them, just a strong sense of determination.

Visualize the leader of the group, do you have it? Most likely, it is Aries, a natural leader due to his charisma and security. Despite wanting to be right at all costs on many occasions and having to actively listen to others, Aries is a source of inspiration for those around him.

In conclusion, Aries has an energetic and passionate personality. Keep chasing your dreams and enjoying what's to come!

2. Aries birthstones: what is Aries birthstone?

Aries birthstone April

Topaz is the birthstone for those Aries born in the month of April, and it enhances the confidence and overcoming fears of this zodiac sign. Furthermore, this birthstone also enhances Aries creativity and communication skills.

birthstone april birthstone aries

Aries birthstone March

The Aquamarine is the birthstone of Aries that belongs to the month of March, it helps to find peace and tranquility in times of stress. This blue-green stone promotes mental clarity and decision-making for Aries.

birthstone march birthstone aries

Aries birthstone color

Who doesn't want a diamond as their birthstone? It is true that, for Aries, this precious stone helps you find the balance between your energy and your ability to commit. In addition, it improves Aries' self-confidence and emotional connection with the rest of the signs.

3. Aries constellation

Did you know that the constellation Aries is one of the oldest and most recognized in the sky?

The Aries constellation is located in the northern hemisphere and is one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. Originating in ancient Mesopotamia more than 4,000 years ago, and whose name means "ram" in Latin and is represented with the head and horns of one.

And what is this due to? According to Greek mythology, Aries represents the magical ram with the golden fur, who carried Phrixus and Hele across the Aegean Sea to escape their evil stepfather. The constellation is represented as the head and horns of the ram.

In Greek mythology, Aries is also associated with the hero Jason and his crew, the Argonauts, who searched for the Golden Fleece on a ship called the Argo.

aries constellation

Aries is quite a small constellation, but it is easily visible during the winter and spring months. Next time you look up at the night sky, be sure to look out for this small but impressive constellation!

4. Aries Zodiac sign

Aries belongs to the fire signs, and as you well know, it is the first sign of the zodiac, which is why it represents the beginning of the astrological cycle and is associated with the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and renewed energy.

The ram is the zodiac symbol of Aries, it represents strength, determination and energy. Which leads us to understand why Aries is known for their natural leadership, adventurous spirit, and sense of individuality.

aries sign

5. Zodiac Aries Jewels

At LAVANI we are passionate about the zodiac, universes, stars and horoscopes, and you can see it reflected in all the jewelry collections related to this theme.

Zodiac is our collection dedicated exclusively to the signs of the zodiac, in it you can find ideal pendants for each sign with its birthstone.

symbol, sign, constellation aries

If it's birthstones that worry you the most, the Birthstone Ring Collection with the birthstone for each month is perfect for wearing a ring-shaped amulet and feeling that mystical connection.

To complete your look, our Initials collection hides pendants with the initial to which you can add your birthstone to create a pendant loaded with meaning.

Finally, our Le Tarot collection , for those who really want to navigate the Universe.

6. Jewels for Aries' personality

As a fire sign, Aries has an energetic and passionate personality. Why not wear jewelry that reflects you? Powerful, colorful jewelry is for Aries, as they don't know the word fear when trying out new styles of jewelry. Always being true to your true personality and wearing jewelry that reflects it!

Aries exudes security and charisma, so their earrings could not be less, the Odeon climbing earrings with aquamarine and fuchsia, don't they seem ideal for Aries? Nor can the Kindness Heart Earrings go unnoticed.

As for necklaces, we find the The Strength Card Necklace or the Fearless Necklace are the ideal options for the Aries style, with strength and passion.

Finally, the rings could not be missing, especially the April Birthstone ring , as well as the Aquamarine Judy ring , both with the birthstones of Aries.

Enter our website and discover all those jewels with which you would most identify!


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