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Gift ideas for friends

How much we love those special friends who are there through thick and thin. Lifelong friends, friends from work, friends from college.... Friends are worth gold!

At LAVANI, we are one of those girls who, although we are always by our friends' side, we love to have small details to show them how much we love them, and there is no better way than giving them a piece of jewelry. Don't know what to give your friend?

Discover the best jewelry gifts for your closest girlfriends.

We show you the most beautiful jewelry gift ideas for your best friends and confidants to have a part of you in them forever.

In addition, all our jewelry is made with high quality and durable materials, so you can be sure that your friend will be able to enjoy her gift for a long time.


1. Color rings

colorful rings are a very special gift for your girlfriends. The rings are symbols of commitment and love so, besides being a preciousness, it will have a very nice sentimental added value.

Gift friend colored ring

These rings are made with natural stones and a small zirconia, and are also available in different sizes and colors such as: blue, white, purple, , turquoise and green. Undoubtedly, it is a beautiful, special and very comfortable ring that your friend will never want to take off.


2. Pendants with initial

The initial are a gift with which you will succeed 100%.

Initial pendants to give as a gift to your friend

These are pendants with initials made with 22k gold plating and natural stones of various colors. You can choose both your friend's initial and your own initial for a special keepsake. If you want to play it safe, buy your friend an initial pendant! 


3. Engraved Jewelry

If you are looking for a unique and special gift idea for your friend, why not an engraved jewelry?

We all have a significant date, a name of a loved one, a symbol that represents you or a moment to remember? What could be better than giving your friend that moment engraved on a necklace, her engraved jewelry will be a gift full of sentiment that she will never want to take off!

engraved jewelry as a gift for a friend

4. Horoscope pendants

The are a perfect gift idea for a friend, because at LAVANI we have many options to match.

You can choose between the zodiac coin, the constellation or the symbol, or you can choose all 3 charms to have the complete pendant. Each horoscope has a very special chain with 2 natural stones from each Zodiac, the most trendy gift option for friends!

Zodiac necklace gift for your friend

You will be able to choose her horoscope or yours, or that of a special person or date for your friend. 


5. Tarot card pendants

A very novel, different and unique gift option for your friend are the , which have triumphed from the very moment they went on sale.

Tarot card pendants to give as a gift to friends

They are 6 different cards that represent different symbols: the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, Love, Strength and Femininity. It is a very special gift for your friend, because you can give her the symbol that you want to accompany her in her day to day, a symbol that will mean a lot to you. Look how beautiful they are!


6. Earrings without hole

Finally, a very original choice of gift for miga and that surely you do not expect are.... Earrings collectionearrings without hole or earcuff!

Earrings without hole or earcuff earrings original gift for a friend

Surely it is something you did not expect to hear, but the earrings without hole are perfect for all kinds of people, both for people who do not have holes, for people who want to get a piercing, but it gives them thing or for people who already have many piercings in the ear and want to add one more without having to make another hole.

It is a very original and successful option as a gift idea for a friend. Don't forget: an earcuff earring.


Do you already know what gift idea is the best for your friend? We're sure you've been able to get a lot of inspiration from these 5 jewelry gift ideas for friends and that you'll go for one of them. Don't forget to record your friend's reaction and send it to us @lavani.jewels on Instagram!


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