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10 tips for you to find the perfect gift.

Let's be honest. Being with family or friends and sharing while taking care of you is beautiful, but we are not lying when we say that there are times when finding the perfect gift can become, without a doubt, DESPERATE. Roads of Santiago traveled between so many stores, whole afternoons looking for inspiration to end up with more mess than at the beginning, thinking so much that ends up going up in smoke. All this until, finally, you discover the secret of the perfect gift.

Do you want to know the 10 simple tips that will help you find the perfect gift?

10 tips to find the perfect gift

While not everyone is the same and it's not always about buying the same thing, finding the perfect gift with our tips is easy! All you have to do is read them carefully and remember them so that when the time comes, you can be the best at applying them!

Read on and find out what are the keys to our secret for the perfect gift!

Set a budget.

Before we start, it is important to know where we stand and how much we want to spend on the gift. This, in most cases, has a lot to do with the event or occasion for which we are giving, as well as the people involved in the gift.

For this, we believe that the most important thing when it comes to finding that perfect gift is to be clear that, many times, less is more. That the quality of the gift does not depend so much on what you spend, but on the love and dedication you invest. Take care of what you do and you will do it well.

2. Brainstorm the tastes of the person to whom you are going to give a gift.

The second key to our secret lies in the phrase "information is power". And the best thing you can do before making any decision about the perfect gift for that special person, is to make a cloud of ideas about his tastes. Does he have any hobbies? What concerns does he have? Do you share any? Does he like reading? Does he prefer the material or the experiential?

In our case, it is important to answer, among others, questions such as whether the person to whom you are going to give a gift prefers more classic or daring pieces, what type of piece he/she likes the most, if he/she has a favorite collection, if he/she prefers colored or white stones.

For example, for someone bold, who likes big and colorful earrings, a good gift would be the rings, electric blue and green Adoration earrings; while for someone with a more neutral style who likes soft tones, the palmira earrings in a pink tone would be more suitable. pink and white Palmira earrings.

3. Take a step back in time.

As we have said before, information is power. But it's not always easy to get. To do this, we recommend that you take a look back in time and think about other occasions when someone gave that same person a gift. What kind of gift did he or she like the most? Did he or she tell you about one that specifically impressed him or her?

We have learned that you can tell a lot more from people's reactions when they see things than from their words. In fact, did you know that a person's pupils dilate when they see something they like? So watch their eyes to find out more - they never lie!

4. Make the Internet your best ally.

Take advantage that we live in the digital era and make the internet your best ally to find that perfect gift. Countless sources of inspiration such as Pinterest, Instagram and many more can be very useful in those cases in which you can't think of much or you run out of ideas. Search a lot and surely, at last, you will find some inspiration!

5. Find a suitable place to buy it.

Just as the internet often serves as a source of inspiration, it can also serve as a channel through which to get products to customers. In this case, we, as a small company that knows the effort involved in a good logistics and distribution system and always tries to take care of it to ensure customer satisfaction, we tell you to make sure you buy from a reliable site.

Use companies that you know or that, through their social networks or their blog, you can learn a little about them. In the end, quality and commitment to society when producing things is an important variable to take into account when you buy something, no matter how small, and even that is important when you are looking for the perfect gift .

6. Ask for advice from people close to you who know you.

Make accomplices! They are the ones who will be able to help you get all the information you can't reach. Turn to their family, friends, roommates.... Surely they will bring you something that you don't know yet!

Some of them may even be the authors of that gift they liked so much that you don't remember, so get out your contact list and get started!

7. Reinvent yourself and bring out your creative side.

One thing is certain, the more creative the gift, the better. In addition, the creative side of it allows us to personalize it so that it is not just a regular gift, but your gift. The special gift that wouldn't fit for just anyone.

At LAVANI, for example, when customers come looking for something customizable with which to surprise that person with the perfect gift, our first choice is to tell them about our customizable letter necklaces with each person's birthstone. Combining personality and mysticism, we know, from experience, that it always goes down well!

8. Don't give money or things that are too practical.

Having a lot to do with the creative side of gifting, there may be times when giving money or overly practical things that you could buy yourself is not always the best option. However, even though we are more into creative things, there may be those who like it.

In that case, if you go for more practical things, give them a little bit of life! That is to say, if you buy them a headband, make it one of our specials Olivenza headband covered with semiprecious stones.. Or, yes, you know her and she always does a lot of things to her hair, turn to our Clemence hair tie or the Judy! Simple, useful and accessible gifts that become special thanks to small details.

9. Make the means perfect and not the result.

If despite all these tips you haven't come up with anything you like and, you think your special someone will like, and you see it as a feat to get such a gift, make the perfect gift the way you give it to them!

Make it a quiz, a doughnut with questions, a skill test or a surprise party! Bring out your most creative side in the way you give it to him that will make him never forget the moment, making any gift, the perfect gift.

10. Give it a final touch.

In the world, there are all kinds of people. However, we know that everyone's heart is a little softer when they say a few kind words to us. That's why, just as LAVANI likes to have written details, writing a few words to that special person to accompany the perfect gift will undoubtedly make it the perfect gift.

For this, for example, we recommend making a beautiful dedicated card or, if you are not particularly handy with handicrafts, you can use LAVANI, which saves you a lot of trouble: if you write a message in the order notes, we will include it with a special handwritten card with your perfect gift.

Already know how to choose the perfect gift? With these 10 tips we have given you, you have no excuse.

If you still have doubts, visit our Gift Ideas blog for more options:


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