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25 gifts a woman expects from her partner

What could be more special than receiving a gift from your partner? Gifts can be a wonderful way to express love and affection, and there are certain gifts that women look forward to receiving from their partners.

Here are 25 gifts a woman would expect from her partner!

Remember, the most important thing is not the economic value of the gift, but the intention behind it.

1. Gifts for my partner, where do I start?

An important date is coming up and you find yourself lost looking for gifts for your partner? Don't worry, it happens to all of us. Sometimes, choosing the perfect gift for that special someone can be a challenge. However, it's important to remember that gifts don't have to be expensive or elaborate to be meaningful. What really matters is the intention behind them.

To start, think about the things your partner enjoys. Does he or she like to cook? Does he or she like to travel or try new types of food? What is his or her latest hobby or favorite singer? Many times, sharing moments and new experiences together is the best gift, as that memory will last throughout time in your heart.

You can also choose a gift that symbolizes your love, such as a pendant with your initials or a special date engraved on it.

In short, the important thing is that you choose a gift with affection and that symbolizes your love and dedication to your partner. It doesn't matter if it's Valentine's Day or any other day, what matters is to show your love.


2. 25 gifts a woman expects from her partner

Gifts are those material details or experiences that we prepare with love and affection for our partner. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the gift that shows how much your partner means to you. That's why we're here to help you with a list of ideas that we would love to receive from our partner:

1. Jewelry for couples

Give the gift of personalized jewelry by designing a pendant specially designed for your partner. Choose a memorable phrase, a significant date or the initial of a loved one and engrave it on your personalized. It's a special gift that you can give to her to wear, or both of you can wear it together. our collection of engraved jewelry and eternalize that special moment.

Engraved jewelry

2. Your favorite perfume

Your partner's perfume is like an extension of her personality, a unique blend of her essence and charisma reflected in a scent. Check if her perfume bottle is about to run out, and if so, give her her favorite scent as a gift and you'll be sure to get it right.

3. Concert tickets

Who are their favorite artists? Look for their upcoming concerts and get two tickets. What better plan than dancing and singing at the top of your lungs with your partner while listening to their favorite songs? It's a gift that he or she will enjoy with you to the fullest.

4. A necklace with meaning

Do you know your partner well, what zodiac sign is he or she? Give your partner a jewelry related to their zodiac sign so that they can benefit from the properties of their birthstone. You can combine their birthstone with your zodiac sign to symbolize the union between the two of you.

Zodiac necklace

5. An album full of memories

A photo album of the last years together, of your trips or shared moments. This gift is sweet and tender, it will touch her and she will treasure it. You can make it yourself as if it were a craft by adding notes on the photos, or order it and customize it to your liking.

6. A weekend getaway

A trip together to a European city or a charming village is an unforgettable experience where the greatest gift is to disconnect and spend quality time together. You will never forget this getaway!

7. A book

Do you enjoy small moments of quiet reading? Give your partner a book by one of her favorite authors (hint, check on her bookshelf what kind of books and authors she reads: novels, poems, love stories, detective stories...) If she is a great lover of reading you can look for collector's or limited editions, they are usually more special books to give as a gift.

8. A pendant as a couple

Pendants for couples symbolize the love of both in the form of jewelry. You can opt for jewelry,heart-shaped jewelry for Valentine's Day, or jewelry with a personal message engraved on it. Jewelry never fails, especially if your partner gives it to you symbolizing their love.

Heart pendant

9. A romantic dinner

A romantic surprise dinner at home always makes you very excited, prepare her favorite food and a good wine. If culinary skills are not your thing you can also make a reservation at a special restaurant, tell her to get ready to go out and take her by surprise.

10. A bouquet of flowers

Flowers are always welcome, coming home and smelling the flowers that you have been given is a pleasure of life. Find out about their floral tastes: if there is a particular flower that they love, or a bouquet with flowers in their favorite color, for example, flowers in shades of lilac and pink. If you want it to last over time, give your partner a bouquet or a centerpiece of preserved flowers, it will be a souvenir that will decorate your home.

11. A personalized box

A personalized gift box with her favorite beauty products or accessories is a gift that shows you know her perfectly. What do I include in the box? There are a thousand details that she will love, such as her favorite chocolates, her trusted lipstick, skincare products, a fine bracelet according to her style, aromatic bath bombs, a handmade letter or photos of the two of you.

12. A velvet jewelry box

Is your partner a jewelry freak? A jewelry box is always needed to take care and store our jewelry, and if you add that it is cute and velvet and it becomes an ideal gift. Opt for a large jewelry box for home or a small travel jewelry box like our Jewelry Box in pink velvet, perfect to take to all your getaways and not lose any jewelry along the way.

Jewelry Box Travel Box

13. An illustration

Choose a photo of the two of you that stands out, that reminds you of a trip, a special moment or simply reflects your relationship. Turn it into a watercolor or computer illustration, it is a different and original way to give a souvenir to your partner.

14. A loudspeaker

A wireless speaker is a versatile gift that you can have at home to listen to your favorite songs and set the mood at home, at the same time you can take it to the plans you make outside the house: on a trip to the beach to watch the sunset or to the mountains to encourage a hike. There are a thousand speaker options, choose the color you like best!

15. A love letter

A handwritten love letter is a gift she will keep forever and will remind her how much you love her.

16. A ring with natural stones

Rings, when given as a gift, are usually associated with commitment and the love you feel for your partner. Choose an elegant, sophisticated and timeless piece that will look great throughout the years and in their day to day life. We love the Birthstone rings titlewith name and birthstonetitle to connect with your birthstone and let its properties bring out the best version of herself.

Birthstone rings with birthstone

17. A pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must for everyone, if she doesn't have them yet it's time to give them to her, and if she is crazy about sunglasses, contribute to expand her collection. Take advantage of the gift, take your partner out for a drink on a terrace in the sun or on the beach, and let them try out their new sunglasses.

18. An original plan in your city

Cities offer us more and more original plans to do as a couple or with friends. You can find cooking workshops, pottery, flowers... there are also many fun plans such as free small concerts in some spaces, comedies and theaters that bring to the city on a temporary basis. Give your partner the experience that best suits their hobbies and tastes!

19. A spa day

If your partner has been non-stop or loves to take time for herself, giving a couple a spa day or a massage to relax and unwind together is a gift that she will appreciate and enjoy.

20. A necklace with your initial

You can give her a necklace combining your initials and birthstones to get a jewel that symbolizes your union, reminds her of you and she will always wear it. our Initials collection and combine them to give her a couple's necklace that she won't want to take off.

Initial necklaces with birthstone

21. A wine tasting

If you are wine lovers and appreciate the quality of wine, a wine tasting in a winery is a magnificent experience. Spending the morning discovering the beautiful Spanish wineries, how they produce and the different types of wine they make, is a fun and relaxing plan that ends with the tasting of this precious beverage.

22. A polaroid

Give your partner a polaroid camera so they can capture your special moments together.

Jewelry set

Jewelry is a personal and unique gift, if you love to wear jewelry in your day to day or have a special event in sight give your partner a total look of jewelry, in Lavani we make it easy with our of jewelry.

Zirconia ring set

24. A weekend of adventure.

If your partner is adventurous, an adventure weekend is a perfect gift. You can look for activities near your city such as rafting, hiking, and for the more adventurous, even parachute jumping!

25. A scented candle

A scented candle is a sensory gift that your partner will enjoy both alone and in company. That candle can be the new scent in your home, or set the mood for a romantic dinner. It can also be an ideal gift for couples who appreciate spending time together, for example, taking a relaxing bath with candles, reading a book with a warm aroma. Choose the scent of the candle thinking about how your partner will enjoy it.

After a long list of gift ideas for your partner, we hope that it has served as inspiration, and above all, that you remember that the important thing about the gift is that you think of her and do it with love.


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