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Jewelry as gifts for new mothers

Do you know someone who will soon go through one of the most special moments of her life, like becoming a mother? When a woman has her first child, she goes through such special and unique moments that make her keep an infinite memory of everything she has lived in this wonderful stage. That is why we are going to help you choose the perfect gift for new mothers: jewelry.

Gifts For New Mothers

What jewelry to give as a gift for new mothers?

1. Why choose jewelry as a gift for new mothers?

Jewelry is the ideal gift for new moms. These pieces are so unique, elegant and enduring that they become a small detail to give to those we love the most. As people we have to want to make those around us happy, and even more so if they are experiencing unique moments, such as being a new mother.

Holding your baby in your arms for the first time is one of the happiest memories in a mother's life. When it comes to gift giving, you should consider what kind of detail is ideal for the occasion, and for an experience like being a new mother, jewelry is such a delicate, sophisticated piece capable of holding so many memories that it becomes a safe choice.

What makes jewelry so special as a gift for new mothers is that it's like a welcome to a new club. They have come a long way to become moms and now they deserve to be able to show it off and show it off to the world with dazzling, fine jewelry.

In Lavani we love to share with you your most memorable moments: a marriage, a birth of a child, a special event... Moments that we make unique with our jewelry created in artisan workshops. That is why we will show you below some of the ideas of jewelry as gifts for new mothers.

Jewelry for new mothers with initials: Necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

Undoubtedly one of the best gifts for new mothers is personalized jewelry. These details can be from pendants for moms to bracelets, all of them personalized with the baby's initial or name. We leave you as an example the initial necklaces and pendants from Lavani Jewels.

In the case of Initial NecklacesWith these you have the option to choose the initial and the stone that represents the month of birth, we will attach your initial to your stone and you will receive the creation at home! This is sure to be a great choice as a gift for new mothers.

If you prefer to opt for another option with a little more color while maintaining elegance, we recommend the Initial Pendant . These have a touch more characteristic of Lavani: the stones, from which you can choose the color you like.

3.Engraved jewelry for mothers

Another option similar to jewelry with initials are engraved pieces. In these you will have the opportunity to write the baby's name or a phrase that represents the birth of the baby of the new mother. From simple pieces to more elegant and complex pendants, we are sure that the choice for this jewelry will not leave you indifferent. At Lavani, we offer jewelry for new mothers such as the Eternum PendantPendant, the Signature Pendant Pendant or the Alba Pendantwhere you can write a word that represents either the baby's name, the new mother's name, or a special moment.

4. Bracelets for new moms

Opting for simple, elegant and minimalist bracelets is also our recommendation. Bracelets with symbols such as hearts or infinity are perfect to reflect the new feelings linked to motherhood, such as infinite love, infinite protection and absolute happiness.

Our proposal more specifically is to opt for the Pride Mini Braceletwhich has two microns of 24 carat gold. A natural and shiny piece thanks to this stone that will accompany the new mother throughout her experience.

5. Birthstone rings

Another detail that is ideal for new mothers is a piece that celebrates the bond between mother and child, and for this we suggest you opt for rings that combine this bond, for example the Birthstone Birthstone RingThis ring has a birthstone and each stone and zirconia have a meaning. This will allow the new mother to symbolize the bond with her child through an elegant, sophisticated and meaningful ring.

6. Jewelry for new mothers with Zodiac symbols

This idea is about giving necklaces for mothers but with the Zodiac sign of the baby. These are an original, special option and a proposal that is in trend. We specifically recommend the Triple Zodiac Necklace by Lavani Jewels. These, in addition to having the baby's Zodiac sign, have the option of being combined with charms of other Zodiac signs, such as the new mother's or father's sign.


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