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Our mission is to authentically inspire you to shine with creativity and together create a better world. Are you in?

Inspiring authenticity

Together we form a community in which we support each other each other. You inspire us and we inspire you. And if you ever wonder... who is the muse behind Lavani designs? The answer will always be YOU. Our creative director designs jewelry to empower your self-confidence and be your most authentic self. 

Shining with creativity

Creativity, trend, innovation. We research and update every second so that your Lavani experience makes you shine at your best. you shine at your best. Being creative implies breaking with the established to see things in a different way and that unique approach is what we give to our jewelry. Creativity is contagious, shall we pass it on to you? 

Creating a better world

Together we know we have a voice to make a difference. Let's lift it up! We want to ensure that our impact impact on networks and other platforms is positive and is intended to contribute to living in a better society. From supporting each other in the LAVANI community, to caring for the planet through sustainable sustainable initiativesinitiatives and even contributing to social strugglesjoin the change with LAVANI. 



The values we believe in, by and for women, this is LAVANI.

To travel the path of the BROTHERHOOD united.

Together we form a community where we support each other. You inspire us and we inspire you. Radiate light to those around you. Spontaneously spread your goodness.

Embrace your STRENGTHS & CELEBRATE your weaknesses.

Because just like our jewelry, you are LIMITED EDITION. Your original self is worth more than a thousand and one copies, be proud! Whether you're freshly risen or dressed to sweep, every part of you is fierce. Mind you... better dead than simple!

Save EARTH - it's the only planet with chocolate!

We have a voice to make a difference - let's raise it! We make a positive impact on social media and platforms to achieve breakthroughs. With an eye on the future, we launch sustainable initiatives, contribute to social struggles and much more.

To love NATURE to soothe and inspire our souls.

Because nature will never fail you: study nature, be inspired by nature, take care of nature. Let yourself be enveloped by the delicate branches of nature and evolve with it.

To defend the EXCLUSIVE, INCLUSIVE quality within the reach of all.

We believe in being restless asses and breaking with the established. Being creative means breaking with the norms to see things in a different way and that unique approach is what we bring to our jewelry. Creativity is contagious, shall we pass it on to you?

To be as TRANSPARENT as our Quartz.

And just like our most crystalline gemstones, we are firmly committed to honesty. Being consistent, offering you the reality behind the scenes and fair price for unpublished designs. Always ready to listen to your thoughts. We are here for each other.

Give yourself BRILLI-BRILLI.

Life isn't perfect, but your jewelry can help you get through it. Give your day that extra glamour and luxury it deserves. Life is your runway, and every day is a fashion show - live it!

Taking care of MENTAL PEACE (and health).

Calm as a way of life. Indulge yourself, find your moments, enjoy the silence. Relax as you wish. We? We'd like a cheeseburger, please, large fries and a Cosmopolitan.

Be the AFFORDABLE WOMAN that you are.

We portray femininity in all its complexity to reflect your personality, your style and your story. Don't worry about being enough for anyone. Worry about being smart enough, strong enough and supportive enough for other women.

And most importantly, put YOURSELF ABOVE EVERYTHING.

Self-love. Self-acceptance. Self-validation. Self-transformation. We create jewelry for you inspired by you. We care about boosting self-confidence and empowering women through designs that enhance your inner strength and outer beauty.

Cristina Pacheco, Founder, CEO & Creative Director


"While I was studying medicine I decided to finance a trip by my own means: I started selling my own jewelry. The business grew unexpectedly and when I finished my medical degree, I decided not to choose my place as a doctor and to bet 100% on LAVANI. Today, boosting the self-confidence of thousands of women is my priority. I want to empowering women through designs that enhance their inner strength and outer beauty."


At LAVANI we believe that every gesture counts. That is why Lavani is a committed company, responsible, conscious and transparent with regard to our impact on the climate and other current social issues. From the planting of trees, to our sustainable packaging, to social struggles such as gender violence, at LAVANI we follow the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and fight every day to take care of all living beings.


LAVANI has behind it a great team formed entirely made up of women. A young team that gives a fresh air and a unique approach to the brand. The team 100% involved is involved in each and every cause that LAVANI collaborates with, as well as practicing sustainable habits at work and in everyday life (and being the most fun).


Each and every one of our pieces are made with the highest quality materials. designed and produced with dedication in Spain. Our jewels are contemporary creations and we take care of every detail: we use only the finest materials, natural stones and first quality materialsnatural stones and authentic artisanal techniques. A unique combination of style and spirit, which portrays the femininity in all its complexities. More than ever, our goal is to offer you authentic, unique and reasonably priced jewelry.




¡Your approach is the one that counts the most!



You are our museour inspiration.



We create jewelry adapted to today's today's woman and we want to see you wearing them.



Tag us and be part of the LAVANI universe.



A community in which we want.



A community we rely on.



We share the super looks you create!







Many media outlets have echo of LAVANI designs on several occasions. Discover these news and our press contact. We would love to appear in your media!



Fashion Talent MBFW

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week award for the 404 Studio x jewellery collection Lavani.

Ande Association

Award PRENAMO (Ande Association) for Business Excellence in 2019.


#YosoyBisutex Award for the best Emerging Designer 2017.


Premium Materials

We want our jewelry to stay with you like new for years to come. That is why we invest in premium materials: high quality gold, sterling silver and natural semi-precious stones at competitive prices. at competitive prices. Materials and materials and designs within your reach.


Ethical Production

Our materials and production methods are 100% ethically sourced 100% ethically sourced and are free of conflicts and abusive practices.. We work hard around the world to find the best materials and ensure their origin to manufacture each piece locally in Spain. to manufacture each piece locally in Spain.


Fair Price

We focus all our efforts on adjusting our margins to offer you a quality product at the right price. quality product at the right price.. We offer you a luxury product within your pocket. It's only fair that you pay for what you buy and receive the right right product with a unique selling experience and before and after care. 


Created in Spain

LAVANI is a company born and developed in Spain.. Cristina, our designer and CEO, designs each piece in her hometown. As a diverse nation with a lot of history and culture, LAVANI jewelry designed in Spain always has a touch, without leaving behind the trends trends that emerge each season. 


By and for Women

Created, managed and directed by and for women, at LAVANI we know firsthand the power of women and we are committed to the empowerment of women. We support women in countless causes: we collaborate with other brands run by women, we contribute to NGOs that support feminist causes, etc.


Sustainable Commitment

Manufacturing sustainably is not only our motto, it is our method. We continually strive to be a zero-waste zero-waste company. That's why our business model is low inventory, and every piece we make is sold, recycled or reinvented. is sold, recycled or reinvented.


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