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Lavani Jewels x Plan International

Why the project

Thousands of women They are unable to access any educational system, preventing them from being free and forcing them to be bound to the customs and societies of today's world. archaic, sexist and aggressive. In the 21st century, mutilation, rape and child marriage are still the order of the day and are still considered necessary customs in countries with a high poverty line. Today's societies are unable to in countries with a high poverty line.

200 million girls and women around the world have been subjected to FGM. female genital mutilationbut there is still hope. 

We believe that, if we all unite, we can change the rules, we can change the rules. 

Lavani continues his struggle, our struggle.


As every year, we join initiatives to improve the world and this year it is the turn to help Plan International and its #GirlsGetEqual movementthrough education, development gives young women true equality through education, development and advocacy. 

This foundation aims to achieve eradicate actions such as FGM (female genital mutilation), rape, teenage pregnancies and child exploitation thanks to providing them with the necessary educational tools for their complete integration and development. 

Plan International seeks freedom of the world's girls and women. 

Solidarity jewelry

To contribute our grain of sand and claiming women's freedom from Lavani we think it is essential, and we do it in our own way, by means of 3 rings representing women's empowerment and from which we will donate 100% of the profits to Plan International to support the education of girls and women. 

With this small collection, we want to bring strength to women, to make them aware that we are all one and that we are stronger than ever. no woman is alonethat we are all one and that we are stronger than ever. 

And we say it through the letters GRL PWR and the feminine symbol ♀️The letters are classic, vindicating classics that represent the cause and are there to remind us of who we are. 

Three rings that will make women who don't have our resources freer.


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