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Join our friends club and discover all the advantages.
✧ Exclusive discounts
✧ Access to Private Sales
✧ Birthday Gift
✧ And many surprises


Join the Club

We give you the first 100 gems for free

Earn Gems

Start earning gems: the more actions you take, the more you save!

Redeem your gems

Redeem your gems for gifts, discounts and surprises

How to get Gems?


+ 100 GEMS

Accumulate a % of your purchase

Subscribe to our Newsletter

+ 200 GEMS

Follow us on IG

+ 100 GEMS

Add your Birthday

+100 GEMS

Write a Review

+ 100 GEMS

Recommend us

+ 100 GEMS

Make a Purchase

'+6 GEMS for every €1 of purchase

Like on Tik Tok

'+ 50 GEMS

Discover the advantages of each Level


Start Level. Accumulate a percentage of your purchase. Birthday gift. Early access to promotions.


All the Moonstone level. 1€ = 9 GEMS. Early access to new collection.


All the Emerald level. 1€ = 12 GEMS. Special promotions. Free bath of a jewel.


Everything on the Ruby level. 1€ = 15 GEMS. Invitation to exclusive events. Exclusive raffles. Surprise gift.


What is Club Lavani?

Club LAVANI is our loyalty and rewards program. You can earn points, called gems, to get discounts and level up to get the most out of Club LAVANI.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing, the LAVANI Club is completely free. Sign up now. 

How can I join the LAVANI Club?

Any customer can join the AL Club for free. Just sign up by entering your name and email address on our page. We'll give you the first 50 points for free! 

If you already have a LAVANI account, you are automatically enrolled in the LAVANI Club. Otherwise, you can register at the top of this page. 

What are the levels of Club LAVANI?

Our LAVANI Club levels offer exclusive advantages and benefits based on the number of gems you have earned in the last 12 months. Everyone starts at the Moonstone level, and can move up to become Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. The higher your level, the better your benefits. 


Moonstone: 0 - 1,499 gems 

Emerald: 1,500 - 2,499 gems 

Ruby: 2,500 - 3,499 gems 

Diamond: 3,500+ gems 

How can I earn gems?

Every purchase you make is rewarded with gems. You can also earn gems if you follow us on social media, recommend us to your friends, share your comments about our products, or like/follow us on our social media, etc. In addition, you will earn 300 gems on your birthday, as a gift to yourself!

How much are my points or gems worth?

The amount of gems you earn per 1 EUR varies depending on your current level, between 6 and 15 gems per 1 USD spent. You can redeem gemsfrom 1,000 gems for 10 EUR discount on a future purchase. We also organize Double Points Day events throughout the year so you can maximize the amount of gems you earn.

How can I redeem my gems?

Select the tab called rewards. Here you will see all available reward levels. If you have enough gems, you can redeem them for a reward and use it in the box.

Is there a limit to the number of gems I can earn?

No. Go ahead, get as many as you can! The more you buy and share, the more points.

Do my points or rewards expire?

Your rewards and gems expire after 365 days, but don't worry, we will send you a reminder. Also, your level is based on the gems you have accumulated in the last 12 months. Please note that Club LAVANI reward discounts cannot be combined with any other discount code or offer, and there is a limit of one reward per order.

Can gems be redeemed on two or more purchases?

Yes, you can use your gemsfor as many purchases as you wish. Convert your gems into discounts at the time of purchase to generate discount vouchers.

Can the gems be used in conjunction with another discount code or promotion?

When redeeming gems at checkout to get a discount, you will not be able to use the automatically generated code in combination with another voucher. For example, during the sales period you will not be able to combine this code with your reward voucher. If you have added a discount code after redeeming points, we will refund the points instead. However, you can use a gift card at the same time you redeem your points.

If I use a reward coupon and make a return on that purchase, will the coupon be refunded?

Yes, if you use a reward coupon on an order and it is returned, you must request reissuance of the coupon within 30 days of submitting the return. Please also note that gems purchased on returned orders are discounted upon return.

How can I see my gem balance?

Your gem balance is on your customer page in the top bar.

What do the statuses "approved", "pending" and "cancelled" mean?

Approved: These gems can be redeemed for rewards immediately. 

Earrings: These gems need to be verified before they can be redeemed. This usually applies to purchases and referrals. 

Cancelled: These gems will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase (the points will go from pending to cancelled). 

I have completed an activity but have not obtained any gems.

Don't panic, lavanigirl! Sometimes it can take a few minutes for us to process your activity and give you your gems. If it has been more than 7 business days, then please contact us at info@lavanijewels.com

Can I earn points in-store?

Of course! In our own physical stores. In-store purchases take a little longer to process in your account, please give us a day for the gems to appear. If you are concerned that your gems have not been added, please contact us.

How does the "Refer a Friend" program work?

Once you sign up, share your unique link provided in your LAVANI online account with all your friends. When your friend places an order, you will receive 300 gems- it's that easy!

How do I get gems for writing a review?

After making a purchase with us, you will receive a product review email within 15 days. After responding to the review email, the gems will be automatically added to your account. 

How do I get gems for following us on social networks?

Just log in to your LAVANI account and go to the rewards control panel. Select the tab that says "Earn gems". Click on any of the social media channels you want to follow and go to that platform and "like" or follow us. If you already follow us, simply unfollow us and follow us again to earn gems.

Can I use my gems during the purchase process?

Yes, but you must have registered first. You must then redeem your points for a voucher that you can apply during the checkout process. You can redeem your points on your rewards dashboard.

Where can I report a problem or give feedback?

Use our usual contact channels.

What happens if I return an item I purchased with gems?

If an item is purchased with gems, the gems will be refunded to your account along with the funds, if necessary. If multiple items are purchased, the gems will be spread evenly across the order and the corresponding gems will be refunded based on the item(s) returned.

What happens if a friend I referred cancels or returns their order?

Unfortunately, your pending points will be cancelled and will disappear from your account.

Why do I have fewer points in my account than I had?

Unfortunately it can happen :( It means that you, or someone you recommended, cancelled or returned an order.


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