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404 Studio

Inspired by the cult film "La Planète Sauvage". directed by René Laloux, the new Lavani Jewels x 404 Studio collection reflects elements of this animated film in which humans are the vermin of a planet run by superior beings. Immerse yourself in this universe of exclusive designer jewelry. presented at the Fashion Weeks in Madrid and LA. Read on and find out the process behind the creating a runway collection.

First step

The design

Design is always a challenge. Being the second consecutive collection of Lavani Jewels for 404 Studio, the synchronization between the teams has been key to design exclusive, groundbreaking pieces that will not go unnoticed on the catwalk.

Cristina Pacheco (CEO and designer of Lavani) and Anais Vauxcelles (CEO and designer of 404 Studio) have worked hand in hand for months to achieve the result they were looking for: to translate the elements of the collection and the film into accessories that merge into one.


The creative process

Artisanal Manufacturing

Both firms are committed to handcrafted production with traditional techniques and premium materials. On the one hand, 404 Studio is characterized by its crochet garments handmade one by one; on the other hand, Lavani is characterized by the use of natural stones in all its designs and sustainable production through a low inventory model.

In this collection the designers have fused both processes into one with crochet garments and accessories with pearls as protagonists in avant-garde and unique designs. The pinnacle of this fusion has been the jewel-dress. A design that unites the main features of the brands to result in an exceptional model.


The jewellery dress

The Fashion Shows

MB Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week

Winning collection of the MB Fashion Talent Award

"Winning the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award has meant a recognition of the time dedicated and all the effort" - Anaïs Vauxcelles.

After a very hard year of work and the presentations of the collection at MB Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week, 404 Studio was proclaimed winner of the 18th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award, joining the group of winners of this prestigious award.


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