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The perfect Earrings if you're a bridesmaid

To walk a son down the aisle and see him marry the person he loves, accompanied by the arm of one of the people he loves most, is fortunate. It's your luck. So take advantage of it and don't let any unforeseen events spoil the moment.

Find out what are the perfect earrings for bridesmaids.

What earrings should a bridesmaid wear

The moment you know you're going to be a godmother, you're sure to have a thousand doubts and a big mess in your head: what to do, when to prepare everything, how to dress... in short, what to do and what not to do. At LAVANI, we can help you solve these doubts, but we start with what we do best and what we enjoy doing the most: choosing earrings.

Long earrings for bridesmaid


1. Earrings for bridesmaid according to the time of the wedding day

If it is a daytime wedding, the colors should be more vivid, we can choose shades such as fuchsia, aquamarine, white or mix them all as in the Thelma Rosa, lhe perfect earrings for the modern bridesmaid.

If, on the other hand, the wedding is in the afternoon/evening, we can choose from almost any color. We will play more with the cuts of the dress, so we will have more options to choose from. In LAVANI we love how the Chiara look for a night look with a long dress, do you dare?


2. Earrings for bridesmaids according to the colour of the wedding dress

If our dress is only one color, we have two options: we can opt for totally different jewelry to make a strong contrast with the clothes such as Serendipity These elegant earrings for bridesmaid will look great with a fuchsia pink wedding dress. Try it and you'll be right! 

Or, on the contrary, we can choose a simpler and more concealed option such as the gold Veli in silver or gold, which will be appropriate for most outfits and weddings. To continue giving a different touch to the dress you can opt for bridesmaid accessories in gold tone as the same earrings or the same color as our bridesmaid outfit. 

However, we would like to recommend you a special color for your bridesmaid's look godmother's dress: red. Many famous bridesmaids choose this color, a red that reminds us of the red that Carolina Herrera designs for her bridesmaid dresses. Combine your dress like the famous bridesmaids in red with our most elegant earrings: Alhambra earrings. 


3. Earrings for bridesmaids according to the print of the wedding dress

At LAVANI, we always say that less is more, so if your dress is already printed and with many colors, go for gold or silver earrings, and at most, some white detail to bring more light to the look.

For example, a classic that never goes out of fashion and is one of the most elegant, are our Lombok pearl, the key bridesmaid accessory. Dare to wear them with an updo! Also, one of the most chosen by our #LavaniGirls this season are being the , suitable for any occasion!

In addition, we recommend that for these earrings to look their best, you should opt for a chignon for bridesmaid bun. 

4. Bridesmaid earrings according to the size of jewelry: long bridesmaid earrings

What long earrings should a bridesmaid wear? You may askfor theearrings for a traditional bridesmaid, are usually not very long (no more than 4cm or so) to avoid that they stand out too much. To give you an idea, Orion or René blue (which are also perfect for an afternoon/evening wedding), would be the ideal size if you were going to a classic wedding.

On the other hand, if it is a civil wedding such as a beach wedding you can opt for more striking earrings, long earrings are increasingly seen in bridesmaids. The Mercury Garnet earrings would be a very good choice. These earrings have an original and different design, but at the same time they are sophisticated and will bring elegance to your wedding look.


5. Elegant bridesmaid earrings according to hairstyle

If you wear an updo, your bridesmaid earrings will be the center of attention much more than if you wear a loose hairstyle, a flower headband or any other type of accessory, so make sure you choose the ones you like the most and match your bridesmaid dress. Remember that accessories should not overshadow the looks directed at the bride.

For updos we recommend smaller earrings such as climbers. The earringsClimber earrings are in fashion and the Padma model is the perfect one for a wedding. This golden climber in the shape of lotus flower leaves is very elegant and sophisticated, and we are sure it will give a lot of light to your face.

In addition, you can do the match match, creating the most ideal bridesmaid's jewelry set by combining the Climbers Padma with the and the .


6. Pearl earrings for bridesmaid brides

Finally, we would like to make a special mention to pearls. Pearls are a material that combines perfectly for a look both day and night, besides being a classic accessory that never goes out of fashion.

We are seeing more and more pearl earrings for bridesmaids so here are our proposals:

Flaming, hoop earrings with 22 carat gold plated pearls. Our most sophisticated model, created entirely with natural river pearls and ideal for such a special day.


If you need more ideas, don't hesitate to visit our selection of Wedding Guest Earrings for more inspiration.

In a wedding, the bride will always be the protagonist, but the bridesmaid should not stop being elegant, beautiful, sophisticated and much less go unnoticed. Are you ready to be the most elegant godmother on the planet?


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