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Earrings for blue guest looks

We show you the party earrings for guest looks in blue: blue earrings to combine with all kinds of blues.

It is already a tradition at LAVANI to tell you which party earrings are more suitable depending on the color you wear for events. For this post, we bring you how you can combine earrings in blue tones with blue dresses or blue looks.

Stay tuned to discover the collection of blue earrings that you can find on our website to match your blue wedding look!


1. Gold and blue earrings with light blue jumpsuit

2. Small blue earrings for navy blue dress

3. Matching klein blue hoop earrings with guest look

4. Blue long earrings with sky blue dress

5. Big blue earrings look for blue dress

6. Light blue bohemian style earrings & light blue tie dye dress

7.Elegant earrings for parties combined with blue print dress

8. Blue wedding earrings for electric blue satin dress


1. Gold and blue earrings with light blue jumpsuit

One of the most special blue and gold earrings that we have in LAVANI Jewels and that, without a doubt, combine with all kinds of blue dresses are the long blue and gold earrings with stones in blue tones. with stones in blue tones Thelma.

We have chosen a classic and elegant indigo blue look that we think looks great for any girl who wants to succeed as a guest: Michael Korslight blue satin halterjumpsuit.

Gold and blue long earrings with sky blue long jumpsuit 

2. Small blue earrings for navy blue dress

If in your case, you prefer to go for a simple accessory for a blue wedding dress, we recommend you to go for small earrings in blue tone like the rings Cinema Aquamarine earrings that will bring a lot of light to your face.

Usually, it is interesting to combine this type of simple earrings with a navy blue dress with great personality. That is why, in LAVANI we have opted for a blue dress with ruffles dress from the English brand Rat&Boa.

Blue ruffled dress with small blue earrings


3. Matching klein blue hoop earrings with guest look

For lovers of hoop earrings we also have options and, is that, some earrings are always a good ally to bring that casual touch to our guest looks, especially in a blue wedding look. At LAVANI, we have gold and blue hoop earrings with precious navy blue stones.

Pair our navy blue hooptitleearringstitle with a dressBlue klein satintitledresstitle in the latest trend. Isn't it the perfect blue look for an evening wedding? 

Navy blue and white hoop earrings combined with an electric blue satin dress


4. Blue long earrings with sky blue dress

Long earrings stylize our face giving us a touch of undoubted elegance. One of our favorite blue long earrings in LAVANI long are the blue longtitleearringstitlewith zirconia Bella. We assure you that you will not be disappointed!

We love these earrings, and therefore, we have chosen a dress to match them from a Spanish brand that we love: light blue guest dress Tomasa by Lady Pipa. Bella earrings will be the perfect accessory for a light blue dress.

Blue and long earrings with zirconia combined with asymmetrical light blue dress


5. Big blue earrings look for blue dress

Big blue earrings will bring a great personality to your look so it will not be necessary to invest in new clothes as you can draw on your blue closet but only in a big blue accessory such as the Quebec in blue.

For us in this case, as we have told you, it seems that we can always use clothes in blue tones from our closet, but in case you want some inspiration, we have found a perfect match for the Quebec earrings. blue dress perfect to combine the Quebec earrings.

Casual blue dress with large blue earrings 

6. Light blue bohemian style earrings & light blue tie dye dress

We want to show you some very special earrings: the light blue bohemian style earrings. We think the are perfect for an informal wedding or a beach wedding because their stones come from the sea itself.

You can pair these blue party earrings with a light blue guest dress like this light blue dresslight blue tie dyeprint dress. The perfect light blue look for a casual wedding!

Blue shells with blue tie dye dress earrings 

7. Elegant earrings for party combined with bluish print dress

If you want the opposite of the bohemian style we showed you in the previous section, we want to show you how to create a very elegant and sophisticated blue look.

For this you will need some very elegant earrings, in our case, we recommend our star earrings: pendientes Twiggy azules. Some big blue earrings, which will look great as you can see with a dressblue printedtitledresstitle very on trend. 

Large blue earrings for guest with printed wedding dress


8. Blue wedding earrings for satin electric blue dress

Finally, the blue earrings for all those girls who love brilli brilli: Pixies earrings. They are the perfect blue accessory for a wedding, graduation or fun event.

These earrings capture the youthful essence, that's why we wanted to combine them with a multicolor perfect for guest events in the hottest days of summer.

Blue striped dress with fun blue earrings 

Did you like the blue earrings combinations for guest dresses? Remember to tell us your favorite blue combination.

Is your look a different color? In LAVANI, we tell you how to combine your looks of different colors with earrings , , and , so, stop by our blog to get more ideas of looks other colors.


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