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Combine Earrings for yellow wedding looks

The sun is starting to shine again after a few weeks of rain and we are starting to see yellow everywhere.

At LAVANI, we love the color yellow because it is synonymous with summer, and what color looks better than yellow with a beach tan? We tell you, NONE.

Dare to discover our bets of earrings in yellow tones for your wedding looks in yellow.

That's why we think yellow is the perfect color for all the upcoming events, weddings, graduations and communions. If you don't dare with color, today we make it easy for you.

We bring you 6 looks of yellow earrings and dresses, jumpsuits or suits, so you can get inspired and get ideas. Don't miss it because we assure you that these combinations for guests in yellow, will break it.


1. Yellow geometric earrings yellow jumpsuit long yellow guest earrings

First, we believe that an event calls for large and unique earrings. For this reason, we want to show you one of our star earrings of LAVANI Jewels, the Nefertiti in yellow, green and orange in geometric shape.

These earrings, as you can see have a lot of personality and that is why we have chosen to combine them, yellow jumpsuit from Mango with asymmetrical straps very sexy and elegant. We think it is perfect for more conservative events as well as weddings.

Simple yellow jumpsuit with large yellow guest earrings


2. Sun earrings floral suit with yellow

If there is a perfect earrings for the summer in LAVANI are the The Sun in yellow and gold with white zirconia made from a beautiful sun shape. These are very trendy yellow earrings that you can still wear in your day to day life. They are part of the best-selling collection Le.

For these beautiful earrings we have selected a very special outfit. This is a with yellow flowersperfect for spring. This look won't leave any #LAVANIGirl indifferent!

Golden sun earrings in yellow floral suit


3. Long multicolor earrings with elegant yellow look

We could not leave without mentioning the most LAVANI earrings, earrings with yellow and multicolored stones Portobello. These are dangling earrings with yellow stones and also, light blue, pink, green and many other colors that make them unique.

For these earrings so dear to our brand, we have chosen a dress to match: yellow dress by Loewe. A yellow wedding look that will convey sophistication, elegance and simplicity. The dangling earrings with yellow stones and this yellow Loewe dress are a star combination!

Sophisticated yellow dress with multicolored earrings with yellow stones


4. Guest earrings with yellow stones and yellow ruffled dress

Some earrings that come to mind as soon as we talk about yellow guest looks are: Palmira earrings in yellow tones. This jewel is a pair of yellow, circular, large and special earrings with different colored semiprecious stones and with a 22 carat gold plating.

Pair these earrings for a funky yellow dress, such as this i cut ruffled dress from Asos. The winning combination!

Ruffled midi dress in yellow with yellow stone wedding earrings


5. Long golden earrings in yellow lingerie dress

If you are a fashionable girl, risky and different from all the others, pay attention.

These yellow dangling with a unique handcrafted design, are a precious piece of the new collection of LAVANI Jewels in collaboration with the emerging brand Apreels: . They are earrings that have never been seen before and that seem to us to be a true work of art.

To combine them, we have chosen a dress at the same level of trend, a lingerie dress from Bimba y Lola, the most fashionable brand of the moment.

Lime yellow dress from Bimba y Lola with yellow handmade earrings


6. Yellow cubic zirconia hoop earrings with floral dress

Finally, for the simplest girls we bring you a sure hit: a pair of stones small hoop with zirconia stones in yellow.

These earrings are the best and, in addition, you will be able to keep wearing them for a long time, whether you go to class, to work, on weekends or to other events.

For these earrings we have chosen a dress with a more special print: .

Flower mini cut dress with yellow zirconia hoop earrings


Are you one of the girls who thought yellow was bad luck? I'm sure you've changed your mind when you saw these amazing combinations of yellow earrings with yellow guest looks. Remember to tag us on our networks in our account if you decide to choose any of these yellow earrings and combine it with your look.


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