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Know the earth signs of the zodiac and their characteristics

Do you know what Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo have in common? Yes, the earth element they share!

Do you know what the earth signs of the horoscope are? What do they share? How do they think? Dare to discover it!

earth signs taurus virgo and capricorn

Earth signs share more than you think, today at LAVANI we will discover everything about this element that unites them.

Keep reading and discover everything about these signs!


1. The earth signs of the Zodiac

Are you a Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo? So you're an earth sign! Although each sign has its particular characteristics, the element that unites them makes them have things in common.

Earth, one of the four elements, represents stability and sustainability in the horoscope. It also represents how these signs perceive everything through the senses. This trait is very different from the water signs that are moved by emotions.

This element is associated with the need of these signs to have security and to establish lasting relationships in life. Also with the importance of working with nature and respecting its cycles. In addition, this element is compatible with the elements of water and fire, especially due to the need to nourish and transform what is on earth. Although as for the air, this element is considered a little more distant and there is not so much affinity.

The three earth signs are characterized by their perseverance in achieving their goals, as well as their tenacity. They are also known for being practical and down to earth people with a strong connection to nature. The loving relationships typical of these earthly signs are characterized by this connection in future projects.

In love, earth signs need to find stability and tranquility in their relationships. With the signs of fire, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, there would be great compatibility by bringing them passion and joy. But with the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, with air as an element, there would not be much of a connection because they are very independent and volatile people.

In addition to sharing some traits, there are also aspects that differentiate the earth signs. On the one hand, Taurus tend to focus on comfort and beauty, while Virgos are lovers of precision and analyzing every detail. On the other hand, Capricorns are more ambitious people and tend to plan everything.

2. Taurus earth sign

If you have a birthday between April 20 and May 20, you are a Taurus! This earth sign sees that tenacity reflected with the symbol of the bull, since they are people who like to have things under control. The Taurus could be considered one of the greatest representatives of this element.

taurus horoscope

Taurus women are realistic and in great need of both material and emotional stability. That is why they always look for that security in everything they do and tend to reflect a lot before making a decision.

The earth influences the Taurus through observation, one of the greatest qualities of this sign. That is why it is not uncommon for them to be lovers of art or the application of creativity.

In love, this earth sign is ruled by the senses and that is why they need that physical contact. They appreciate natural and physical love, as it keeps them true to reality. They also have a great sense of justice and always fight against inequalities.

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3. Capricorn earth sign

In the horoscope, those born between December 22 and January 20 are Capricorn! Capricorns are the calmest people among the earth signs. Their personality is characterized by being ambitious and responsible, they are women with great discipline who do not hesitate to work hard to achieve what they propose.

In addition, they are very loyal people, so with a Capricorn friend you will get a long-lasting relationship that you can trust.

capricorn horoscope

As a good earth sign, Capricorns are people with a great sense of feeling fulfilled and meeting their goals. They are women with ambition and very fighters, so it is not surprising that this is reflected when they achieve professional success. These women are also known to be reserved and organized, placing a high value on hard work.

In love, Capricorns have a hard time trusting, for that reason they have few partners. The earth as an element affects your sentimental relationships by needing that stability in a couple.

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4. Virgo earth sign

This last earth sign, whose birthday is between August 24 and September 23, is guided by rationality. Typical of the earth signs is their wisdom based on their ability to analyze even the smallest detail. Virgo women value precision and are characterized by being very hard-working. However, their analytical nature can lead them to be perfectionists and excessively critical of others. This is due to his constant search for improvement and excellence.


virgo horoscope

The earth influences the Virgo in communication and their social life, since they are guided more by reason than by feelings and emotions.

In love, Virgos find it difficult to open up in their romantic relationships, as they need that security to show their feelings. Like Taurus, they are very loyal and faithful to their partners.

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