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Capricorn sign and its birthstone

As we are very keen on birthstones, the univers, mysticism and much more, Zodiac signs couldn´t be a topic to ignorate in our daily routines and our production. Due to its ability to talk about ourselves, even without us knowing it, it seems that, it is worth to talk about it.

Are you o do you have someone in your life Capricorn? Get into their univers and its birthstones!

zodiac Capricorn birthstones

Despite the fact that it is true that every sign needs its due attention, today we want to write about Capricorn Sign. As there is one of us who is Capricorn in our daily routine, we can openly and sincerely say that Capricorn is so amazing and extraordinary that a post is at least what it deserves.

Continue readying and discover everything about the Capricorn sign and its birthstones!

1. Capricorn personality female traits

If you are one of those born between the 22nd of december and the 19th of january, congratulations, you are Capricorn! And, what does this means? Well, today we are going to tell you some of the features that most define the Capricorns.

Capricorns are known for being responsible and ambitious. The are usually hard-working people and very loyal, which, directly related with their high dedication and discipline, make them successful people.

Specifically, female Caprinorns are known because they are usually very sensible and very practical. Furthermore, they are known for being a bit reserved and tradicional. Although, that is exactly which make them so reliable. Therefore, if you have a Capricorn friend and tell her a secret, do not worry, it will remain secret.

Likewise, they are so organized with their work, they are also organised with their long-term organization and with their money. In general, Capricorn women are people who value hard-word and stability in their personal and professional lives.

Alike, although they can be a bit introvert and shy at the beginning, once they feel comfortable and safe, they can be very funny and friendly. This has as a result that, if you finally build a friendship with a Capricotn women, she will be loyal, nice and compromised with yout friendship trying to always build stable and last-long relations.

2. Capricorn birthstones: what is the birthstone for Capricorn

Being so special, we could not expect less from their birthstones. Is remarkable that, depending on the month you have been born, your birthstone will be the Blue Topaz or the Garnet.

Capricorn birthstone December

For those born in December, their Capricorn birthstone is the Blue Topaz. Despite the fact that this December Capricorn birthstone name came from the word in Sanskirt “tapas”, which means “fire”, it is also know that this stone can cool things down.

Blue topaz december capricorn birthstone

This semiprecious stone lives in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar and means different depending on the place and the culture we talk about. In son cultures, it is a sign of hope, happiness and loyalty, while in others it means joy and prosperity. Besides, it also symbolizes deep emotional attachment and clarity of felling.

Capricorn birthstone January

The January Capricorn´s Birthstone is the Garnet remarkable by its common red colour, although the fact that it can also be found sometimes in brown, black and orange. Its name come from the Latin word “granatus” which translates to promegranate”.

January Capricorn birthstone

Hindu religion also recognizes the Serpent stone as the birthstone for those born in January but, for modern Western society, the garnet is most familiar.

Garnet is the stone that represent the symbol of love and friendship. It is also thought to symbolize perseverance and strength and is known as a “commitment stone” which reinforces tenacity and discipline. Besides, it also can be related with the symbol of the creativity.

3. Capricorn´s constellation and zodiac sign

Capricorn´s constellation, known likewise as Capricornus, is one of the 12 zodiac constellations, so that it is placed in the area of the celestial sphere centered on the line drawn by the sun in the sky, popularly known as the ecliptic.

By its position, the constellation it is located between Aquarium and Sagittarius and it is formed by an amount of stars in the shape of a goat. It exact position is in the fourth quadrant of the southern hemisphere of the night sky, which makes it visible throughout the year in the southern hemisphere and during the summer in the northern hemisphere.

One of the properties of this constellation is that about thousand years ago, the passage of the Sun through this constellation marked the point of the winter solstice. Due to this phenomenon, this constellation was associated with the beginning of the winter. Although this condition is no longer fulfilled because due to the precession of the equinoxes, the winter solstice takes places in the constellations of Sagittarius.

With regard to the Zodiac sign, the Zodiac sign of Capricorn belong to the element of earth and is one of the most constant, solid and peaceful signs of the zodiac.

4. Zodiac Capricorn Jewels

Thus, to share with you our eagerness about universes, stars and horoscopes, in LAVANI we decided to produce the Zodiac Collection in which you can find beautiful and original pendants for each Zodiac Sign. Enter in our collection and discover how does Capricorn´s necklace look like!

5. Jewels for Capricorn´s personality

As our zodiac sign talk about us, jewelry does it too. This is the main reason why we consider that is important to dress with jewels which represent us. Jewels that talk about who we really are and reflect the truest imagen about us.

For Capricorn people, loyal, hard-working, reserved, and also reliable and friendly, we recommend jewels as the Amal Earrings, subtle but elegants, full of bright and colors and the “La Plage” earrings, perfect as the final complement to make more ideal your office look.

Talking about pendants, we definitely recommend you the Louise Necklace and also the Pink René Necklace as some of the best options to dress something stylish and colorful but not excessively extravagant.

Finally, we know that Capricorns like stylish things but without being ornate earrings. Thus, options as the Birthstones ring and the “La Plage” ring, combined with its earrings, would be the perfect complement!

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