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The stones of the throat chakra Vishuddha

According to ancient Indian texts and within the world of yoga, meditation and spirituality, the chakras are seven energetic points that are responsible for balancing our emotional, spiritual, organic and psychological part. They are spread throughout our body from the coccyx to the head and affect our perceptions, feelings and decisions. The union of these seven chakras forms an eighth one called the aura. In our blog we are going to talk about all the secrets and qualities of the fifth chakra.


The fifth chakra and its stones



Characteristics of the fifth chakra

Have you ever felt a lump in your throat and not been able to say what you felt? That's where our fifth chakra resides: throat, neck, shoulders, mouth, nose and ears. It is the connection between your mind and your heart, reason and instinct, intuition and feeling. This chakra represents the power and impact of speech. Being the center of language and allowing communication between people, it helps to raise our consciousness beyond our limits. Here are the main qualities of the fifth chakra:

Name: Throat Chakra, Larynx Chakra, Vishuddha Chakra

Location: shoulders, neck, nape of neck, larynx, lungs, larynx, lungs, trachea, mouth, nose, ears

Sense: hearing

Endocrine gland: thyroid

Objective: communication (active listening, passive listening, listening to oneself, etc.)

Element: Ether (space) or sound

Color: light blue, blue in shades of green

Note: Sun

Positive: objectivity, sincerity, coherence, respect, listening to oneself and others.

Negative: insincerity, failure to listen to others, low self-confidence, lying to self and others, hypochondria, fear of abandonment, shyness.

In short: it is the communication chakra and controls our relationships with others.


2. Balance of the vishuda chakra

A balanced chakra helps us to be connected with our environment, to be open, free and curious. It is very beneficial for any activity of concentration and for oratory work such as actors, comedians, journalists, poets, etc.

To balance the fifth chakra, it is necessary to consider personal space. Many times, we need to distance ourselves from the world and how we relate to it to review our emotions and feelings objectively. In this way, space heals by nature and allows true creativity to emerge.

People who seek creativity, like artists, connect to a place outside their field of experience to find expression, closure or outlet. In this way, the act of creating comes "to them" and not "from them." Creativity as such is really a healing process that gives rise to our personal experience. We can see our pain from a distance, learning from it, expressing it and letting it go. This is where our spiritual side meets our human side, our universal voice and our personal voice. When we find this voice, we can heal ourselves and heal others.


3. Throat chakra stone

Like our body, the Earth also has different energies and produces them through precious stones and crystals, having a connection with the chakras. Most gems that are associated with the throat chakra are blue or have a greenish blue tone. But there are also orange-colored ones such as citrine. This gemstone increases self-esteem and personal power when communicating with others, especially in the workplace.

Speaking of blue stones, aquamarine is a clear example. This crystal is associated with water and helps you to be honest, to speak accurately, to be more open in thoughts and feelings and also ideas and opinions.

If we combine aquamarine with amazonite, the energy of the former will be more amplified. In general, amazonite is a spectacular crystal that enhances intuition, self-confidence and self-awareness and understanding of how others see us.

Certainly one of the best stones to improve communication is lapis lazuli. It also enhances creativity, listening and understanding and can help relieve stress.

Sodalite is another fifth chakra stone that is perfect for anyone who has trouble expressing themselves or is sensitive to criticism. This crystal can help you to be less afraid of other people's opinion of you.

On the other hand, selenite is another option for a blocked chakra. This crystal is known for its healing and cleansing properties, so you can think and communicate more effectively as you will have clearer thoughts.

Blue apatite is related to telling the truth and dealing with negative emotions or past traumas.

A crystal that shines very bright is the blue cyanite. It is connected with the most personal aspects of our being and helps to have argumentative skills.

Finally, turquoise could not be missing. It is a protective stone of unwanted thoughts and its energy is greatly enhanced together with the blue apatite.


In conclusion, if you want to keep the vishuda chakra in balance you can wear these gemstones in jewelry around your neck or as a bracelet. You will definitely get all the benefits of communication and understanding of self and others.


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