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Black Precious Stones

If we talk about colors, black is the king: it represents elegance, prestige and authority. Black gemstones are very valuable and here is a guide to the black gemstones that can be found on the market.


Minerals and black gemstones



2. Origin of the color black
Types of black stones



Although black is not a favorite color for many people, wearing a black gemstone will give you a special touch and set you apart from others. This color represents elegance, prestige, authority, courage and personal empowerment. It also represents style, formality and security. In cultures such as Egypt, the color black was used to attract women's fertility. Today, many people prioritize color over the actual variety of gemstones. But finding a stone by color can be very difficult as the market often lists stones by variety rather than by color. When we think of black gemstones, we don't usually think of many types, but there are many black colored gemstones available today.


2. Origin of the color black

Black gemstones have this color because of the amount of iron inside the crystal and in the chemical composition of the stone. The higher the percentage of iron, the darker the stone.


Types of black stones

Black jasper

Black Aventurine

Jet stone

Tektite Staurolite

Black coral

Gray agate

Black onyx

Onyx stone

Black Jade

Black amber

Black agate

Gray quartz

Black sapphire

Black opal

Gray jasper

Black quartz

Black tourmaline

Smoky quartz


The meaning of the color black can be very stigmatized towards negative things, but there are many positive attributes that it possesses that make it have a different meaning and these black jewels are highly valued. For all lovers of black minerals, they can be collected in rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.


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