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Muladhara root chakra stones

The root chakra is symbolized by a four-petaled lotus flower with a yellow square, representing the tattva of the Earth (its element). From the center of the sides of the square and its corners are eight outward arrows. This chakra is also symbolized by the color red and the elephant, which represents the firmness and strength of the earth. Read on to learn more about the first chakra.


The root chakra and its stones



1. Characteristics of muladhara chakra

If you are having a lot of fatigue, restlessness, constipation or back pain lately, you probably have an unbalanced root chakra. This is the first chakra of the seven chakras, the root of emotional experience and the foundation where the higher chakras are built and balanced. Physically, the first chakra is related to the lower body (kidneys, bladder, lower back) and emotionally to confidence and survival instinct. Therefore, when our muladhara chakra is balanced you feel self-confident, grounded, carefree and at peace with your surroundings. The following are the main qualities of the first chakra:

Name: Root Chakra, Base Chakra, Muladhara

Location: coccyx, base of spine, lumbar region (also includes kidneys, bladder, rectum, anus, lower leg, nose)

Sense: smell

Endocrine gland: adrenal glands, bladder, backbone

Objective: related to work and money, survival, physical security, willpower and vitality.

Element: earth

Color: red

Note: Do

Positive: security, stability, vitality, confidence, reliability, abundance. Good relationship with mother, money and work.

Negative: fatigue, materialism, insecurity, fear, violence, doubt. Bad relationship with mother and at work.

In short: this chakra represents the link with mother earth. It is related to well-being, combativeness, dynamism, strength and security.


2. Muladhara chakra balance

Keeping the root chakra in balance is important for our physical and emotional health. In this way, we will show dynamism, harmony, confidence and self-confidence. Otherwise, if this chakra is nourished in excess, it can create behaviors such as authority, anger, selfishness, hyperactivity, vanity, etc. and create all kinds of addictions such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex, money, food, work, among others. Here are some ways on how to balance root chakra and keep it healthy and balanced:

- Wearing the color red: wearing red clothing and accessories, eating red fruits, wearing red crystals such as ruby or red coral, contemplating the sunrise or sunset can balance the first chakra.

- Exercise outdoors. This is especially helpful since this is the most physical chakra, so it is best to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and keep moving.

- Meditation and massage. Meditation balances the first chakra, but massages also improve the energy system. Regular or lymphatic drainage massages are best.

- Use affirmations: especially with prosperity and sexuality in your life.

- Maintain physical contact with people, animals and plants.

- Stimulate the sense of smell and practice yoga. Using incense, cypress or cedar and practicing kundalini yoga can help increase the energy of this chakra.

- Do Kegel exercises. This will help prevent incontinence, increase orgasms and keep the root chakra healthy.


3. Stone for muladhara chakra

Crystals for the chakras are significant in having properties and benefits. Each stone has certain characteristics that bring the root chakra into balance.

For example, hematite reduces stress and increases physical energy, as well as balancing our emotional well-being.

Black tourmaline protects from negative energy that can affect the root chakra. It especially helps to reduce stress and anxiety and to increase self-esteem and personal power.

Smoky quartz is another crystal for the chakras. It is very effective in healing negative emotions and connects the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra, which is responsible for your spiritual well-being. To use its healing purposes, smoky quartz can be worn as jewelry or held in the hand during meditation.

Red Jasper is another gentle energy stone that attracts physical, emotional strength and stamina. It also helps to calm an overactive Root Chakra.

The ruby is one of the best known stones and its intense red color increases vitality, passion, physical strength, enhances protection and care.

Finally, garnet promotes mental clarity, concentration and purification.


In short, wearing red stones in jewelry or during yoga practice can greatly help to balance the root chakra.


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