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The ideal ring according to the shape of your hand

Discover which is the perfect ring regardless of the shape of your hand or your fingers, at LAVANI we have everything you are looking for and more so that you can show off beautiful hands.

What ring is for you?

Today at LAVANI you will discover how to choose the best ring for you.

Keep reading and discover which rings will suit you best according to your hands!

1. According to the length of your fingers

Long fingers

If you have long fingers, you are lucky to be able to wear any type of ring that suits you. Whether they are large, small, stones or irregular rings, you can choose the one you want!

Rings with summer airs with natural stones such as the Mora Turquoise Ring or the Mora Opal Ring will look great on you.

Short fingers

With short fingers, the best thing for you will be to choose fine and simple rings, since if you opt for large ones with stones or wider ones, your fingers will seem even shorter.

We recommend elegant rings like the Alisa Azul or Rosa that will stylize your hands.

Although if what you want is to give a more personal touch to your accessories, with Birthstone Rings you will always carry your birthstone with you.

birthstone rings

Thick fingers

If your fingers tend to be a bit wide and thick, it's best to avoid large, oversized shaped rings to find balance.

So it is best that you choose asymmetrical and fine rings. Also, in this case, if you decide on adjustable rings, even better, since this way you avoid not finding your size. That is why rings like the Fuchsia and Green Rivoli or the White Kasia will be your allies.

Thin fingers

With thin fingers you can risk more and opt for options with larger and wider shapes so that it makes them appear less thin. So the perfect rings for you would be ones like The Sacred Ring or the Terr Ring with a climbing effect.

Although if you want something simpler, the Multicolor Idol Ring is a very good choice with that elegant touch. A tip that will help you is to combine several thin rings to give that visual effect that we are looking for, as with the Diya Ring Set.

2. According to the size of your hands

Big hands

The size of the hands is also something that influences when choosing the ideal ring and if your hands are characterized by being large, you should opt for large and bulky accessories. Thin rings with small stones will not favor this shape of your hand, so avoid them!

gold ring aquamarine texture

Textured gold rings with uniquely designed stones like the Judy Ring or the Clemence Ring evoke artisan jewelry and look great.

Small hands

But if, on the contrary, your hands are smaller, with large rings your hands will seem smaller. The best thing will be to decide on delicate rings with oval shapes. A very good option is the Denali Ring with a floral touch or the Purple Softhearted Ring inspired by secret love.

3. According to the age of your hands

As we know, age shows in our hands and over time we get spots and some wrinkles. If you don't like them, you can opt for large rings such as the Blue Stardust Ring or the White Moonlight Ring , since the attention will be directed to the ring and not to the hand. blue ring zoom hands

On the other hand, for young hands we recommend choosing fine and simple rings that balance the shape of our hand, such as the Orchid Ring or the Padma Ring .

Finally, if you are a fan of silver in your rings, do not hesitate and take a look at our silver rings . What is your favorite?

If you want to know more about this accessory and how to wear it, visit our blog post "The meaning of rings on different fingers" to find out where to wear it.


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