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How to put on a bracelet without anyone's help

At LAVANI we love to help you find the best trends and show you some of the best tricks to wear your fashion accessories in a simple way. Many times we try to put on our accessories without anyone's help, and we end up overwhelmed by not being able to attach a simple bracelet. Stay to read more and discover different ways to put on a bracelet by yourself!

Tips on how to put on a bracelet by yourself

1. Bracelets as a trend for this summer

Summer is here and with it comes the good weather, the desire to get out of the house and the dresses and short-sleeved shirts. For those of us who can't do without jewelry, bracelets are a must in our jewelry box. Moreover, during this time of the year, bracelets become our favorite accessory, shining on our skins caressed by the sun.

However, although it is a trendy accessory, sometimes they can be a little uncomfortable. Not because of its material or its shape, but because we tend to have problems when we put on a bracelet without anyone's help.

It takes two hands to do this, and a little pressure to attach both parts of this jewelry. It also doesn't help that many clasps on these bracelets are complicated, which often results in the bracelets ending up on the floor in the attempt to put them on.

In this blog we want to help you solve this problem with several tricks that we have compiled to facilitate this task and not prevent you from wearing these accessories at this time of the year.

How to put on a bracelet without help

2. Tips on how to put on a bracelet by yourself

The more traditional option is very simple. You will only need a hairpin. The key is to go through the hairpin at one end of the bracelet, thus being able to take one side of the bracelet with the hand in which you want to place this piece, while with the other you just have to roll the bracelet and close it on the link you want the bracelet in which the hairpin is placed.

As a substitute for a bobby pin, you can use a paper clip. Simply open it and use it as if it were a bobby pin. Or you can also opt for a safety pin. Open it very carefully so as not to prick yourself and repeat the same process.

If you don't have a hairpin or similar at home or can't find one, you can resort to adhesive tape. This trick is also quite simple. Take a piece of tape and stick one end of the bracelet to your skin, specifically to the hand in which you want to wear this jewel, thus getting a part of the bracelet hooked. Surround the bracelet on your hand, fasten it, and you would have it ready.

Another option so that you don't have to use any other objects is a little more difficult but also effective. Find a flat surface. Place the bracelet stretched out on it, and place your forearm on it facing upwards. Try to place both parts of the bracelet with your fingers on this hand, and with the other hand, fasten. This could be a plan D in the mission to hook a bracelet without anyone's help.

how to put a bracelet alone

3. Easy to attach bracelets

Once we have recommended these useful tips to avoid the problem of not being able to attach a bracelet by yourself, there will be no escape to complement your looks with these unique and vibrant pieces.

But we want to help you even more by recommending our easiest to attach bracelets. Our favorite is undoubtedly the Portobello Bracelet. It features a wide variety of colors, bringing an energetic and cheerful touch to your looks. The best part of this jewelry is its special clasp. It allows you to adjust it to your liking and put it on without the need for any tricks, it's very easy to fasten!

In Lavani we also have bracelets, unique pieces that will certainly not become a problem when it comes to putting them on. We love the Stardust Pink Braceletbracelet, available in an infinite number of colors, as well as the Rinaldi Braceletbracelet, elegant, sophisticated and precious.


But if what you want is to put into practice all the tricks indicated above, we suggest you some of our bracelets with normal clasp that will bring a modern and natural touch to your styles.

Some of our options are the Pink BraceletBracelet, perfect for a casual or formal occasion, the Pride Mini Yellow Braceletbracelet, in which you can choose from a variety of stones in different colors, or the Navy Braceletperfect for summer, which will be ideal for a walk on the beach, to go to work or to go to a special event. 





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