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Difference between necklace and pendant

We know that both the necklace and the pendant are those accessories that give us a different touch to the look and that are used around the neck. But, although we often call them interchangeably, the truth is that there are differences!

Do you know the difference between these two accessories?

Today in LAVANI you will learn how the necklace and the pendant differ and how to combine them in the best way.

Read on to discover these special accessories.

1. What is a necklace?

Necklaces are those jewels that are worn around the neck as a complement to your outfit and usually consist of a chain. Depending on your taste, they can be made of silver, gold, steel or natural stones. This type of accessories can give you an elegant, fun or casual touch depending on the occasion and elevate your look. So if you are looking for something simple but very elegant, the Nirelle Necklace with natural stones is a very good choice. Although if you are more into pearls and want to transmit that individuality and creativity so typical of the stars, The Star Necklace with white zirconia can give you that unique touch in any occasion.

But if you are more into everyday necklaces, the Pedraza Tourmaline Necklace with colored beads will bring you light and brightness.

2. What is a pendant?

Although it may seem the same, the pendant is not that accessory that surrounds our neck like the necklace. As its name says, pendants refer to those pieces that hang from the chain or necklace and serve as elements.

They come in many shapes and with many meanings that you can combine as you like, they can be ancestral figures, zodiac symbols, initials, coins, ... There are many types. With such unique pendants with natural stone as the Alisa Blue you will transmit luminosity and warmth. Also with pendants with initials you can give a personal touch made with zircons.

Or with gold-textured pendants like the coin-shaped Sadie Pendant that will give you that handcrafted jewelry glow.

3. Choose according to your physique and look

When choosing this type of accessories you have to take into account the characteristics of each physique. If you have a long neck it is best to opt for short necklaces such as chokers. But if your neck is shorter, long chains that are not tight are your best option.

4. Chokers

Now that it is trendy to wear necklaces of various lengths to create a unique effect and elevate your looks, it is time for you to discover chokers, this type of necklace so fashionable that is attached to the neck.

The Empress choker with amethyst and quartz is one of our favorites with which you will get that touch of color and brightness in the neck area, but also the Vibrant Deyá Green and Fuchsia Choker with that duality of colors is perfect for this summer.

If you want to know more about chokers, check out our blog post "Choker: what it is and why they are a trend".


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