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Pink gemstones

Pink gemstones are highly prized and we wonder what makes this shade so sought after. Also, what is the meaning of each pink gemstone? In our blog we tell you all about these beautiful stones.


Pink minerals and gemstones



2. Origin of the color pink
Types of pink stones



These minerals are the perfect gift for our loved ones as they symbolize love, friendship and self-esteem. The properties are very varied in different parts of the world, but generally they are used to strengthen the love of a couple and family union, strengthen self-esteem, generate confidence in others and as protective stones from bad energies.


2. Origin of the color pink

The wonderful pink color of these minerals is due to mineralogical impurities, changes in chemical composition or inclusions in the crystal lattice of the stone. For example, rose quartz is formed by late hydrothermal phenomena and is associated with quartz crystals of other varieties. Its coloration may be due to the formation of microscopic fibers of dumortierite within the mineral or the presence of tiny particles of titanium, iron or manganese. On the other hand, pink tourmaline is formed from granites by volcanic activity, transforming into rocks by heat and pressure. This type of crystal can be electrically charged by temperature changes.


Types of pink stones


Pink agate


Rainbow quartz

Rose quartz


Rainbow opal

Pink opal



Morganite stone

Topaz stone





Star Ruby


Mystic topaz

Red tourmaline

Pink tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline


Sapphire padparadscha

Pink sapphire


In short, pink gemstones are perfect gifts as they are the symbol of pure love, whether for a couple, family, friends or oneself. In addition, they are very durable and are used as talismans and stones against evil. In the stone market, pink gemstones have a high value and we recommend you to buy jewelry accessories such as bracelets, earrings and pendants to strengthen your self-esteem like never before.


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