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Summer season: colorimetry

To make the most of our image, colorimetry can play a good role. If we put it into practice, we can go for clothes that suit us best and enhance our natural beauty with the right tone and makeup.


The colors of the summer season



1. How to know if you are summer season?

To know your colorimetry just put a piece of orange and a pink cloth under your chin in natural light. Look in the mirror and see which color suits you best. If orange gives you a tired and dull look, while pink brightens your face, your shade is cool.

Within this tonality, if you have soft and derivative features, you are probably summer season and warm colors are not yours. Summer people have pale skin, almost beige, and sometimes have brown freckles. Eyes are blue, green or subtly gray. Finally, hair lightens easily in the sun and can be platinum blonde, ash blonde, light brown or with reddish or gray tones.


2. Summer color palette

Summer season people have light skin and hair, so the colors that would suit them best would be delicate, neutral or pastel. For example, the best are bluish grays, cool whites, pinks and pastel blues. Especially powder blues to give you more shine. Remember to avoid orange and earth colors, as they could detract from the brightness.

If we talk about makeup, it is better to choose soft tones. Pink colors will always be the best option: a pink shadow with blusher in the same color range and nude lips.


3. Style tips

If we talk about clothes, here are some tips on how to improve your style:

- To maintain your natural glow, avoid using brown, mustard, orange, yellow and black tones near the face.

- If you want to use colors from other seasons, it is better to do it on the lower part of the body (pants and skirts). On the upper body, add the summer color palette to highlight your face. For example, you can add a pink scarf to black pants for balance. Or a pastel print dress with a beige jacket.

- Remember to choose cool tones, even for prints. For summer people, mini prints are ideal.

- Accessories such as silver, rose gold jewelry with blue or pink stones are perfect.

- What suits you best are pastel shades, white and soft tones that match your skin.

- Finally, make-up should be soft. Wear pink lipstick, play with lilac and yellowish tones and line your eyes with gray or blue.


4. Celebrities with summer colorimetry

Do you still have doubts if you are summer season? In the world of celebrities, there are many people who have this colorimetry. Join us to find out who you look like! There are soft summers like Elle Fanning, Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon, who have light hair, skin and eyes. However, the summer season can also include darker hair, so celebrities like Kate Middleton, Olivia Wilde or Emily Blunt also belong to the summer colorimetry.

Elle Fanning is the perfect example of the summer season. She has soft features and her hair, eyes and skin are very light.

Jennifer Aniston also has the same features, although she is noticeably tanner.

Reese Witherspoon also has a bit of a tan, but her natural skin is also fair and it's a clear summer.

On the other hand, Kate Middleton has light skin and eyes, but her hair is dark. So it can be considered as a cool summer.

Olvia Wilde's natural hair is a medium brown, she has fair skin and blue eyes and is another summer woman.

Finally, Emily Blunt, would be another example of a person who belongs to this colorimetry. Her hair is dark brown, her skin is light and her eyes are blue.


5. Other colorimetry

In case the colors you favor are not the soft ones or those mentioned for the summer season, probably your colorimetry is from another season, be it winter, spring or autumn.

As we have already mentioned, to know this you must first see if you are more suited to pink or orange. If it's pink, your shade is cool and you can be winter or summer. If it is orange, you can be spring or autumn.

Winter people have either very white or very dark skin, cold eyes such as black, very dark brown or icy blue and black or dark brown hair. These people usually have smooth skin, without spots or moles. Their most favorable colors are the cold ones: navy blue, purple, fuchsia and bottle green and the least favorable are all earth tones.

On the other hand, we have the warm shade, which includes the spring season. These people have light golden skin and usually have freckles, light and warm eyes such as blue or hazel and light or dark hair but without highlights, such as copper blond or red hair. The best colors for spring people are neutrals and yellows, oranges and salmon, avoiding at all costs cold tones such as purple or wine.

Finally, the autumn season is also warm in tone. The colors of their complexion, skin and eyes are the same colors as autumn itself: tanned skin and sometimes with freckles, eyes of a mixture of natural colors such as brown, green or blue and hair in the range of copper, light brown, copper, golden blond or red hair. The ideal colors for these people are mustard, brown, gold and army green tones. As in the spring season, purples, grays and fuchsias should be avoided.


Now you know the theory of the 4 seasons and you can create your perfect closet. Let's get to work!


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