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Colors that favor brunettes

Regardless of changing fashion, there are certain clothes and colors that favor brunettes and others that favor blondes or redheads more. Today we will see the best shades for brunettes and how to choose them properly.


The best colors for brunettes

It's all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you're a brunette, there are colors that suit you more and others less. Here are our favorites for dark-haired girls.



1. White

Contrary to black, wearing white softens the facial features while contrasting with dark hair. It is ideal to use it in upper garments as you will always look elegant and sophisticated at any time of the year. Without any doubt, white is one of the colors of blouses for brunettes, so this summer you can take advantage of all those white shirts you have in the back of your closet. If you have a more formal event, wearing a pure white suit like Meghan Markle is a wise move. Pair it with gold earrings like Sun.


2. Navy blue

Blue is one of the colors for brunettes with fair skin. Electric blue or royal blue is a good option for the evening and navy blue is always ideal and contrasts with the skin. In addition, it can be combined with colors such as white or beige. A combination of blue and white will make the look fresh and marine, while beige will give it a touch of elegance and seriousness. If you can't decide, you can also wear it with light blue, white shoes and a beige belt for a casual street style like Taylor Hill.


3. Green

In case you have dark or tanned skin, green tones will give a spectacular glow to your skin. You are lucky enough to be able to choose any shade of green, but bottle green or khaki are colors for tanned skin that you should rely on. If you want to look fresh and striking, you can easily pair them with brown or denim, but also with black as Zendaya demonstrates on the red carpet. Our Round will match any look in this style.


4. Orange

If you want to know more colors that suit brown skin, this is orange. Just like green or yellow, it suits girls with dark skin. The meaning of orange color revolves around joy, enthusiasm and vibrancy, so wearing it on your clothes will frame your tan and make you look positive and seductive in a matter of seconds. There are thousands of dresses for brown skin in this color and Sara Sampaio knows how to wear it. Do you dare?


5. Rosa

Pale pink does not only look good on blondes. It also softens the face of brunettes. But if you like bright colors, you can opt for a more fuchsia shade. It will be your best ally both in clothes and makeup and you can combine it with gold jewelry like our . Here we leave you three pink looks of Kendall Jenner so that you do not doubt any shade of this fabulous color.


6. Yellow

Yellow is our favorite among all the colors for brunettes with both hair and skin. It is a very striking color, but don't be afraid to wear it because you will look amazing and once you try it you will want to wear it forever. Kate Middleton is always setting trends in the world and she knows how to wear yellow in an elegant way.


5. Red

Finally, red is the color of love, passion and attraction. The shades of red for brunettes can vary according to skin and eyes, but it will flatter both light and dark skins. On the red carpets there is always some brunette wearing a dress in this fabulous color. Pair it with red lips like Rihanna and all eyes will be on you. You can also add a touch of gold with our and you will look spectacular. The color red on brunettes is, without a doubt, to eat the world!


And you, what color do you choose?


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