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What is the difference between sterling silver and regular silver?

Have you ever wondered if sterling silver is the same as regular silver? Despite their similarity in appearance, they are totally different materials. In case you have any doubts, in this blog we will help you distinguish these two types of silver as well as provide you with where you can find the best good quality and long lasting silver jewelry.

Discover the different types of silver and their differences!

1. What types of silver are there?

Gold and silver are known as the main materials extracted from nature. However, these cannot be used in jewelry because they are too soft and the jewelry would be easily damaged. For this reason, goldsmiths work by mixing pure silver or fine silver, which is what is known as normal silver, with other metals, in order to obtain more durable and better quality jewelry.

This explains why there are different types of silver, as pure silver is combined with other minerals, thus obtaining a range of different types: sterling silver, second grade silver or German silver.

Sterling silver or 800 silver has a small amount of pure silver: for every 1,000 thousandths of material, it has 800 thousandths of silver and 200 thousandths of another metal, usually copper.

While German silver is actually not silver, but alpaca. This is a combination of zinc, copper and nickel. If you are offered German silver in a store, it is better to opt for another type of material, because this jewelry will not have the same quality as other sterling silver or sterling silver.

And what is sterling silver, sterling silver or 925 silver? In this blog we will highlight more the difference between this silver and pure or fine silver.

925 silver what is

2. Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, also known as sterling silver, sterling silver or 925 silver, is an alloy of silver and copper. The name 925 silver comes from the fact that for every 1,000 grams, it has 925 grams of silver, the rest being generally copper. This also explains why it is called sterling silver and is different from sterling silver, as the latter has a smaller amount of silver.

And why is it called sterling silver? This is because this type of material was used for the first time to manufacture coins in England, in which a star was printed on each side. That is why it is called sterling silver or sterling silver.

what is 925 silver

What is the difference between 925 silver and pure silver?

As explained above, 925 silver differs from pure silver in its components. Pure silver is soft and difficult to shape, which makes it difficult for this material to be used to make specific reliefs. For all these reasons, pure silver cannot be used in goldsmithing.

In addition, pure silver can tarnish. The air itself can react with the silver, and as a result the material can discolor, fade and even tarnish. This causes a dirty image on the products in which this material may be used.

Regarding sterling silver, it is not 100% pure silver, but almost. It comes from an alloy of several types of metals, which allows this silver to be more durable and stronger. The areas in which you can work with this metal are: jewelry, cutlery, silver-plated items... and more.

However, sterling silver can also tarnish and discolor, due to the elements in the air. But this type of material is more durable than pure silver, which makes it possible for your jewelry to last longer and have a higher quality. In addition, you will find more products made of sterling silver than pure silver, due to the difficulty of working with the latter.

A great advantage of sterling silver is its cost. Because it has a smaller amount of silver than pure silver, pieces and jewelry made with 925 silver will be less expensive, and the jewelry will last longer.

Where to find 925 silver jewelry?

After understanding the major differences between 925 silver and pure silver, it is obvious what type of jewelry you will start looking for from now on. There are many jewelry stores with pieces of different silver materials, and many times they are not what you think. That's why we want to recommend LAVANI Jewels' 925 silver jewelry.

If you are looking for sterling silver earrings, durable, of good quality, elegant and beautiful, we recommend you the section of Silver Earrings of LAVANI. You can opt for the La Plage Silver Earringsa basic in your closet that can accompany you at any time. If you are looking for something with more color, the Portobello Silver Earrings will be your choice.

In terms of necklaces, LAVANI has a wide range of necklaces and pendants. necklaces and pendants that will not leave you indifferent. Have you already seen the Riviere Victoire Silver NecklaceOr the Padma Silver Necklace? They are beautiful and certainly a must have in your closet.

You can also find rings in 925 silversilver rings, perfect to go with you anywhere without having to worry about its quality or durability. Although you should always take care of your jewelry as much as possible, because as we have explained above, 925 silver can also discolor due to the reaction with elements in the air. We recommend the Silver Ring Moonlight Blanco, elegant and sophisticated. Or the Idol White Silver Ring

If you want to know how to take care of your jewelry, you can find information in the following link. Because we want to help you take care of your favorite jewelry. Click here.


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