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Mother of the bride's dress

The mother of the bride's dress is one of the most anticipated looks after the bride's dress. The mother of the bride holds a special place in the hearts of the bride and groom and plays an important role in the preparation of the big day.

What should the mother of the bride wear on the day of the wedding?

Here are some tips that the mother of the bride should know to shine without taking the spotlight away from her daughter.

Mother of the bride and godmother

After the bride, the most important looks of the wedding are those of the godmother and the mother of the bride. An importance according to the place they occupy in the hearts of the bride and groom and in all the preparations prior to the wedding.

The godmother accompanies the groom in every step, especially on the way to the altar. At that moment the godmother is the focus of all eyes.

The mother of the bride, a discreet role that also translates into a style appropriate to her role, since after the bride and the godmother, she will be the protagonist.

And now the question on everyone's mind, how should the mother of the bride be dressed? Many of us find it mission impossible to find the balance between wearing an important dress and not stealing the spotlight from your daughter.

Mother of the bride dress colors

2. Tips for choosing a mother of the bride dress.

The great dilemma of how to dress that day being the mother of the bride, you have to be discreet and spectacular at the same time, give an elegant touch and follow a certain protocol that maybe you didn't know. Here are some tips to help you achieve that balance in your look.

  • Style

You should always be true to yourself, even if you are the mother of the bride you can choose a dress according to your style, the colors you usually wear ... because in the end no one knows you better than you, and you know what style suits you.

At all times you must follow your style to feel comfortable and flattering, but always taking into account the type of wedding: it is not the same to dress for a formal wedding at night, than for a daytime wedding on the beach.

mother of the bride dress

  • Colors

Let's start with the colors forbidden at a wedding, of course white and ivory tones are reserved for the bride, and a total black look is also forbidden, as it is associated with mourning, however, black combined with other colors is an option.

The rest of the colors will depend on the time of the year of the wedding, although there are colors that fit in any time such as red, navy blue, raspberry, gold, certain greens and all the powdered ones.

Mother of the bride dress colors

  • Long

Following the protocol as tradition dictates, if the wedding is in the morning, all the guests, including the mother of the bride, should wear short dresses.

On the other hand, if the wedding is in the afternoon or evening, the mother can choose between a midi cocktail dress or a long dress.

mother of the bride short dress

3. The mother of the bride: down to the last detail

  • Complements

When it comes to accessories, there are some rules that you may not be aware of, but they are part of the protocol.

The pamela can look great, but you have to know when to wear it, in daytime weddings and if the dress is short or midi. Also, it should not be excessively large, the right size should not exceed the width of the shoulders.

Headdresses are ideal, but you have to be careful combining them. If you wear a simple dress you can play and risk with a more baroque headdress or vice versa.

And the characteristic mantilla is a good option if the wedding is religious, very formal or in the morning, and according to protocol the mantilla is usually worn by the godmother, and not the mother of the bride, when the groom wears a morning coat. It is appropriate to wear it with a long dress, plain and without rhinestones so as not to overload the look.

mantilla mother of the bride dress

  • Shoes and bag

Don't forget your purse! As mother of the bride you will have to carry a mini kit just in case, with handkerchiefs, lipstick, cell phone... but everything has to fit in a small and discreet party bag, we find handbags or clutches more comfortable.

mother of the bride accessories

As for shoes, look for comfort and elegance. A closed heel is always stylish, but if you are not used to it, opt for one that you know for sure you will enjoy your daughter's wedding.

mother of the bride dress shoes

  • Jewelry

What better way to show off as mother of the bride than with jewelry? If you want to wear important jewelry on this special day, it is best to wear it with a plain dress and choose the color of the dress according to the jewelry. If, on the other hand, you are wearing a very showy dress, we would wear elegant and discreet jewelry.

mother of the bride dress

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