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Earrings according to your hairstyle

Put yourself in situation: you have already dressed, made up and styled your hair, once you have the look almost complete you are missing the icing on the cake, the earrings and the rest of the jewelry.

You go to the jeweler and... 

The moment of crisis has arrived: Which earrings should I wear according to my hairstyle?

In this post we are going to give you tips on what earrings to wear according to your hairstyle to enhance your look.


1. Informal high updos

If your hairstyle is a chignon or an informal and casual high ponytail, either for your day to day or for a special occasion, the earrings that best suit your look are long and simple earrings;

If it's for your day to day you can wear long divided earrings, like our tobello, or if on the contrary you are going to an event, a simple and vertical long earrings combine perfectly!

Earrings for high casual hairstyle

2. High updos for weddings and special events

Elegant high bows

Ready for an important event like a wedding? You've probably opted for an elegant updo like a high bun, and to finish off the look, the best earring for you is a long, elegant and delicate earring. And don't be shy, if it's big it's better, it will give a lot of personality to your outfit.

Earrings for elegant high chignon

High ponytails

The elegant alternative to the chignon is an unpolluted high ponytail for any special event, and with this hairstyle the earrings that look best and are most worn are earrings with rhinestones, such as our earringstitlewith white semi-precious stones zirconiatitle La Plage earrings and also some distinguished long earrings.

And if you have more than one ear hole you can combine them like Gigi Hadid does.

Earrings for elegant high updo

3. Low updos

Low ponytail or chignon

How flattering a low bun is! One of the most stylish hairstyles.

This hairstyle offers a wide range of combinations that flatter the face and the look:

What we like best is to choose round and large glued to the ear, or pearl to give a classic touch, a sure hit!

If you want to give it a modern and daring touch, are the order of the day!

Earrings for low updo


How many times has a braid saved the look? Whether it's more dressed up or more casual, whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, a braid always looks good.

Combine and enhance your look with hoop earrings in the size you want, bigger or smaller, but the hoop is a jewel that goes perfectly with all types of braids. Our earringstitlewithtitle Manhattan hooptitlestonestitle are perfect!

Earrings for braids

4. Earrings for short hair

We are seeing more and more of our favorite celebrities changing their looks for short hair, and we love this trend!

Short hair gives you a free hand to play with your style thanks to the earrings, you can wear from a minimalist and simple style with mini earrings, to a completely casual and daring style with maxi earrings.

But without a doubt, we are left with the climbing, which look great with short hair, and are very stylish.

Earrings for short hair

5. Earrings for curly hair

Do you have curly hair and you don't always get it right with the choice of earrings? To be honest, with loose and curly hair we find problems such as tangles with earrings, earrings that hide in the curls and do not look as we would like...

Our advice if you have curly hair and do not plan to collect it is to choose straight earrings with smooth surfaces, or earrings that are closed to avoid tangles, and if they are metallic all the better, they will stand out and will be seen among the curls. Our Bella are ideal for this type of hair!

Earrings for curly hair


We at LAVANI hope to see you soon matching our jewelry perfectly with your hairstyle!


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