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Polka dots looks for wedding guests

We can't deny that polka dot dresses are becoming more and more popular among wedding guest looks, and even if we are afraid of them, the key is to know how to combine them and be true to your style.

Are you in on the polka dot wedding dress trend?

Of course we do! Find the polka dot guest look that best suits your style and the wedding you are attending.

1. Polka dot looks: Love or hate?

Polka dots have been a recurring trend in fashion and, especially these last few years, polka dots have gained momentum in wedding guest looks. However, as with any fashion? Love it or hate it?

On the one hand, the lovers of this trend find in polka dot dresses a waste of originality and fun in the guest looks. In addition, polka dots can be worn in dresses, suits or polka dot skirts, combined in a thousand ways and in a super wide variety of colors and cuts, from classic to casual.

On the other hand, there are women who if they had to choose a dress for a wedding, it would never be polka dots, as they consider that they can be difficult to combine and that they can be too flashy on some occasions.

But it's clear that they don't know our tips to wear and combine polka dots guest looks... Do you dare to try?


2. Polka dots dress for guests

Polka dot dresses are coming in strong for your most important events: weddings, baptisms and communions. And we want to give you ideas on how to wear different polka dot guest looks so you can choose the one that best suits your personal style and the occasion.

There is a false belief that the words polka dot dress and discretion do not go hand in hand, but if you are a loyal follower of sophistication and classic, you will know that there are elegant polka dot dresses for weddings. They usually have a sober tone, a long cut and a more discreet design, while bringing a touch of originality and style to your look.

This look of blue polka dot dress with black polka dots with black shoes, handbag, glasses and earrings seems to us the most stylish and elegant for a wedding. We love it with our and black circletitleearringstitle for guests.

Polka dot wedding dress

On the other hand, for the most daring guests we find more casual polka dot wedding dresses, in vibrant shades such as red, maroon, fuchsia or light blue, with original cuts. These polka dot dresses are perfect for daytime weddings or more informal weddings.

This red polka dot dress combined with maxi earrings, like the , Grinko, and gold shoes and handbag is perfect for a daytime wedding.

Red polka dots dress for wedding guest 

3. Polka dot guest outfits

You love polka dots, but you can't find a dress that suits you. Have you tried combining polka dot blouses or skirts? Or directly, a total polka dot outfit look?

Apart from polka dot wedding dresses, we also find other options with polka dots that you will love:

A polka dot skirt

We understand that if you are starting with printed looks you don't want to risk 100%, so you can soften your polka dot look with a plain garment and another printed one, for example, a satin blouse to match a polka dot skirt.

A polka dot suit

Many times, we look more stylish if we go combined from head to toe, so a polka dot suit or a set of blouse and pants or polka dot skirt is a safe bet to go perfect to your special event.

Crazy polka dots

And if taking a risk is your thing... Do you dare to combine two different polka dot pieces? Yes, it sounds crazy, but the balance exists, by mixing the right colors and sizes of polka dots you can get the most original and elegant polka dot guest look of the wedding.

 Polka dots wedding set

3. Polka dot guest outfits

At this point, it is clear that polka dot dresses are our next purchase. However, the difficult part comes when combining a polka dot dress with the rest of the accessories of the look to achieve harmony.

Shoes and bag

Shoes and bag are a complement that defines your look. When wearing a polka dot dress, we go for shoes and handbags in the same color or in neutral colors so as not to detract from the dress and not to be overdone.

polka dot wedding dress


Jewelry is essential to give shape to the guest look. If your polka dot dress is simple, choose maxi earrings, an elaborate necklace or earrings with colored stones, such as our Mercury.

On the other hand, if your dress is more elaborate, choose more discreet earrings, such as small earrings or hoop earrings, you can also combine it with a thin bracelet.


After all the tips and ideas to wear a polka dot look as a wedding guest, we hope to see you in your next events with one!


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