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How to wear lingerie dresses for wedding guests

Ever since Victoria Bechkam opened the wedding of her son Brooklyn we have been all over the place with lingerie dresses for weddings, but as we all know, you have to combine them carefully with some good accessories to give life and elegance to the look.

Do you want to know how to wear lingerie dresses for wedding guest?

We tell you how to combine your lingerie dress to shine as a wedding guest!

1. Lingerie dresses for summer wedding guests

Lately summer means being in full wedding season, and the heat often makes us rethink what to wear to go ideal without giving us a lipotimia. Do you know what the best option is? Lingerie dresses to be the sexiest and most elegant guest, while you go comfortable and cool throughout the wedding.

A priori, lingerie dresses for weddings may seem very simple or too discreet, but combining it with a good matching bag with heels, and some flashy earrings the look is ready to dazzle.

We leave you an idea of look with lingerie dress for wedding guest in summer:

Lingerie dress for wedding guest

The lingerie dress with a summer ruffle and straps, combined with heels and fuchsia bag to contrast and highlight, and of course, our Odeon climbing in fuchsia and aquamarine perfect for a summer wedding.

2. Lingerie dresses for spring weddings

We love wearing lingerie dresses for spring weddings too! But if you're worried about the weather, adding a shawl or cape in a matching or contrasting color adds an elegant and sophisticated touch.

In terms of color, pastel shades are ideal for lingerie wedding guest dresses. And when it comes to choosing accessories, it is very popular to choose them in the same color, but in dark tones to elevate the look to its maximum potential.

wedding guest dress

For example, an ideal wedding guest lingerie dress could be this one in powder pink, with maroon accessories: strappy sandals with some heels to be very comfortable and give it all, a matching clutch and large earrings like our Bordeaux.

3. Colorful lingerie dresses for wedding guests

Leaving aside the pastel and powdered tones of spring, we can take advantage of the fact that lingerie dresses for weddings are usually monochromatic and simple to combine them in full color with accessories in bright, flashy tones, with feathers, with glitter and with everything you can imagine.

Wearing a lingerie dress as a wedding guest is like wearing a blank canvas, you can add whatever you want to achieve a look that reflects your personality, and if you want, you can achieve a look as explosive as the following:

guest bride wedding dress

Do you dare? Yes, fuchsia and orange, passionate colors united in a fun and very flashy combination. If you want to turn some eyes towards you, with this look you have the attention guaranteed.

4. Long lingerie dresses for weddings

The wedding you are attending is at night and you do not know if a lingerie dress would look good? We are in favor that as long as you adapt it to the occasion you can wear it, if in this case, it is an evening or more formal wedding you can opt for long lingerie dresses for weddings in more sober or dark tones.

A long lingerie dress in navy blue, emerald green, red or a more classic tone will be perfect for a more formal wedding, if you want to give it an extra elegance for the occasion we love to add gold accessories: a gold handbag matching with heels and can be the perfect combination to go sophisticated with a sexy touch to an evening wedding with a long lingerie dress.

lingerie dress for wedding guest

After reading this post, have you also fallen in love with the trend of lingerie dresses for wedding guests? We are completely in with this new trend: sexy, elegant and, above all, very comfortable!


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