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How to wear kimonos for wedding guests

When it comes to garments that cross borders, the kimono is definitely one of them! The question is, how much do we know about kimonos? It is becoming more and more usual to see it on people who, with an elegant blouse and a plain Palazzo pants, give that personal touch to their style with a nice floral kimono, but do you know all the types that exist and how to wear them?

Find out all about how to wear kimonos for wedding guests!

First of all, to approach the question well, we must answer some questions about you and your event: is it day or night? formal or informal? do you feel more comfortable with pants or skirt? Once answered, it's time to choose your kimono and how to combine it! Enter our blog and find out!

1. Flowing kimonos

If you are one of those who are attracted to kimonos, but don't dare to go for something too extravagant, this type of kimono for wedding guest is yours!

The option of a flowing kimono is the perfect alternative for those who opt for less overdone looks, since with this type of garment in plain colors you can achieve incredible outfits with a more special and exotic touch, while using more basic garments that allow us to be much more comfortable than with other style alternatives.

But be careful! Here you must take into account whether the event you are going to attend is more formal or informal. In case it is a formal event, being a plain kimono a garment that exudes that casual air, it is important that you choose well the basic garments with which you are going to combine it so as not to make the outfit too informal .

In addition, flowing kimonos are the perfect alternative to use in those hot seasons of the year since their light and soft fabrics, such as silk and cotton, make them the most comfortable and cool alternatives.

Plain kimono wedding guest


When opting for those smooth and casual looks, we recommend that you give that last touch to your outfit with accessories such as the Odeon Earrings Earrings or the Ópera earrings. Pieces that you can combine with alternatives such as our Rinaldi choker or our Rivoli Aquamarine ring.

2. Kimono with tie-dye print

If instead, you are one of those who like to risk being the most daring kimono wedding guest of all, this is your style!

The tie-dye kimono, apart from being a perfect alternative to attend a wedding, will not only turn you into the most stylish wedding guest, but will also give you that carefree and artistic touch so typical of this type of garment that, through its dye, allows you to create unique and attractive patterns in fabrics that leave anyone surprised!

While it is true that everything depends on how we combine it, these vivid and special colors make the tie-dye kimono the perfect alternative to go as a guest to a wedding or summer event allowing you to get a fresh, colorful and stylish look.

Tie-dye wedding guest kimono


In this case, we would opt for more casual pieces such as the Meduse earrings. Meduse earrings or The Justice ear rings , as well as our 404 Studio line and its sophisticated jewelry.

3. Floral print kimonos

Without a doubt, this is our favorite alternative of all. Halfway between a plain flowing kimono and an exotic tie-dye kimono. And why is that? Well, because with this type of kimono with floral prints you get to bring that sophisticated and elegant touch to your outfits, while not overloading it too much.

In addition, this type of kimonos have become more and more fashionable because, combined in the right way, they can serve both for day to day and for a special event. For example, if you combine it with jeans and a white T-shirt or blouse, it will be your perfect companion for the day to day.

However, for those of us who want to get that perfect wedding guest kimono look, alternatives such as a nice palazzo pants and the kimono with floral print tied will turn us into that perfect wedding guest! Likewise, you could also wear the open kimono combined with a blouse in the same way that we have discussed with the flowing kimonos.

Floral print kimono wedding guest


And, for these very special options, our most special pieces. Alternatives such as the Giselle earrings earrings or the Persia earrings, are beautiful, elegant and colorful options that will give that perfect touch to our final look!

Kimonos with that special touch

However, although we have already discussed several types and ways to wear a kimono as a wedding guest according to the circumstances of the occasion and our personality, there are groundbreaking trends that leave anyone in love.

Among these, the one we have always liked the most are the Kimonos with bangs at the bottom that give a touch of vitality, movement and elegance to our outfit while they are versatile and fresh allowing us to wear them in the hot seasons of the year and during any occasion.

Likewise, this type of kimonos are not simply found with floral motifs, but you can find plain kimonos, which maintain that casual style, but have the special touch that give the bangs. Therefore, depending on the fabric with which it is made, it will adapt better to our personality and essence and it will be the bangs that, by their own movement, will give that special touch to our perfect wedding guest outfit.

Fringed kimono wedding guest


With this guest kimono with floral prints and red tones, we would combine golden options such as the Tallulah earrings earrings or the Adara pearl earrings earrings that will make you the perfect guest!

5. Complement your kimono

And, last but not least, once the garments have been chosen, the truly perfect wedding guest knows that the accessories are another fundamental piece of the gear that will mark the result.

Therefore, if you are not convinced by the big jewelry that add the icing on the cake to that kimono wedding guest look, you can find your perfect complement through other alternatives such asa pamela or a headdress that will give a touch of color and sophistication to your outfit!

Kimono and pamela wedding guest

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