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Necklaces for Long Dresses

You may have wondered what necklaces can go with some of your long dresses. In this blog we will help you discover what to consider when choosing necklaces and suggest some accessories for your long dresses for occasion or everyday wear.

How to choose necklaces for long dresses?

Necklaces for long dresses

Necklaces are an essential piece to give the final touch to your outfit, and in the case of long dresses is no exception. There are several types of necklaces to choose from to match your long dresses. Necklaces will allow you to highlight the neckline, add color to the dress or simply make the dress look more complete.

Several factors should be considered when choosing a necklace. In this blog we will suggest you some tips on what kind of necklaces to wear for long dresses according to the type of dress, the color, its neckline, and finally, the person's skin tone.

Long dress necklace

2. Necklaces depending on the style of the dress

The first thing to consider when choosing a necklace is the type of dress, its style. There are several types of necklaces, and if the dress is simple and elegant, a necklace in gold or silver are two options with which you will succeed without a doubt. We suggest the Rinaldi Rigid Gold Choker or the Riviere Victoire Silver Necklace for you to combine with refined and elegant dresses to which you want to add sophistication.

For long boho style dresses, which have been so much in trend this summer 2022 and will surely remain in fashion for this summer 2023, the most daring and different necklaces will be a good choice. Like the Liliana Green Choker or the Tanzanita Pedraza Necklace by Lavani, with which you will add a refined touch to these original dresses. In this way, if the dress is multi-colored or has a print, it is better to opt for a simple necklace of a single color that does not break with the details of the dress.

Necklaces for long dresses

If you want to opt for a plain and simple dress there is no better option than a colorful necklace. These will bring brightness and life to your look and your face. In this way, an all-white or all-black dress will stop being boring by adding a touch of color in the accessories. Some examples are the The Empress NecklaceNecklace, perfect to add a touch of elegance, or the Padma Necklacenecklace, if the occasion is special.

3. How to choose a necklace according to the neckline?

Not only should the style or color of the dress be taken into account, but the type of neckline is fundamental to know which necklaces are more ideal than others for long dresses.

If the dress has a high neckline, the best option is to have a long and thin necklace, which can complement without the neckline being too heavy. One option could be the La Plage Pendant pendant by Lavani Jewels. Simple, simple and elegant. Perfect to give a touch to your dress, besides being an engravable jewelry.

On the other hand, if the dress has a V-shaped neckline, it is best to use a necklace that has the same shape, either short or long. You can also opt for a necklace adjusted to the neck. With the latter, you will make your neck look more beautiful and you will gain elegance. We suggest the The Star Necklacenecklace, perfect to give a refined touch to your dress.

Necklaces long dresses

If your dress has a round neckline, the best choice is to have the necklace inside the neckline area to highlight it. Some options are chokers or short necklaces. Some ideas are the High Priestess Pearl Choker or the Big Bang Necklace.

4. Which necklace should I choose according to my skin tone?

When choosing a necklace to wear, it is important to take into account your skin tone. To do so, we will offer you some general tips that can help you.

For fair skin with cool tones, such as pinks or blues, the colors that complement best are cool colors, such as silver, white or even blue.

For fair skin with warm tones, such as gold or yellowish, the best colors are warm tones such as gold, bronze or brown.

For medium skins, both warm and cool tones can complement well. Pastel shades are also an option.

And for darker skins, necklaces in bright and striking tones are the most successful options. Necklaces such as reddish, fuchsia or purple tones can complement these skin tones very well.




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