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Mother's Day rings and bracelets: the best gift ideas!

There are not enough gifts to compensate for the love and sacrifice of mothers, but... what less than a surprise to honor them on their day! Mothers are sweet and loving, but sometimes also.... very demanding! What to give your mother on Mother' s Day sometimes becomes a huge dilemma, and that's why from LAVANI we want to present you the best ideas for Mother's Day rings and Mother's Day bracelets.

We bring you the best mother's day rings and mother's day bracelets ideas!

Flowers or perfumes are among the most typical gifts, but they are also ephemeral: flowers will eventually wither and perfumes run out in no more than a year. In this blog you will find the perfect idea, give rings or bracelets on Mother's Day. Exclusive pieces that she will be able to use in the most important occasions of your lives and, above all, a detail that she will keep with affection forever. Although if you want to give her a pendant as a gift, visit our blog of 10 Mother's day pendants.

Why did we choose bracelets and rings for Mother's Day? Quite simply: giving earrings as a gift is more personal and more intricate. Depending on the occasion, people may like very different styles of earrings. With bracelets and rings it is easier for us because they are a complement to the look, something that gives a special touch but without being the protagonist, so they give rise to a more flexible style.

Shall we start?

1. Rings for Mother's Day

Rings symbolize fidelity and love, deep feelings that in a mother are eternal, so choosing a mother's day ring will be a success as a gift. Even so, choosing rings to give as a Mother's Day gift can be difficult because of the size, style? Lavani to the rescue!

Sometimes choosing the right size can be a hassle: if you are not sure which is the right size, you may not get it right and, although you can change it without problems, you would prefer to get it right the first time. Solved! At LAVANI we have a very large selection of adjustable rings perfect for Mother's Day gifts. These are rings with a small side or back opening that your mother can adjust according to her size. Forget about that problem!



There are thousands of possibilities, you can opt for something simpler like the Alisa, or choose a more striking piece like the Terr ring. You will simply have to look at your mother's style and give her the most suitable ring for her.

If you still do not have it all clear ... I leave here two ideas for Mother's Day rings with which you will succeed for sure:

Birthstone rings are rings that carry a different stone depending on what month you were born, which makes them ideal rings to give as a Mother's Day gift. This type of jewelry is a great gift idea because it has a lot of feeling and thought behind it. By giving it as a gift, the person who receives it will know that you have thought a lot about her and that you know her 100%.

birthstone mother's day rings lavani jewels

  • Solidarity rings for mother's day gifts

If you are looking for Mother's Day rings with even more feeling, we propose you some models of our solidarity collection x Plan International. Rings from which we donate 100% of the profits to this NGO to finance the education of young women and girls. The Female with the symbol of women will represent everything that unites us all and we are sure that your mother will love it as a gift ring on her special day.

Solidarity rings with the feminine symbol mother's day gift 

2. Mother's day bracelets

Bracelets are a discreet, simple jewelry that gives elegance to your looks. We have chosen some of the best ideas of bracelets for Mother's Day with which you will succeed for sure.

Although much depends on the style of the mothers, there are designs that no jeweler can resist. Every year, bracelets like our Pride and mini are the bracelets of choice for your mothers on their special day. They are simple and versatile designs but with natural semi-precious colored stones that give that elegant and special touch that we are looking for our mothers.

Mother's day bracelets with colored stones

Need more ideas? Here are a few:

  • Colorful mother's day bracelets

The Portobello and Thelma are colorful Mother's Day bracelets for the most daring and elegant mothers. They are bracelets that will add a touch of color to their daily looks or help them dress up on those special days. In addition, thanks to the different types of stones, these bracelets will transmit to your mother a lot of joy and strength.

The best part is that both models have matching earrings. Whether to give them the complete set on Mother's Day or to use for future gifts to complete this look, they are a great idea!Colorful mother's day bracelets and gold mother's day bracelets.


  • Mother's Day gold bracelets

If your mother is more simple and does not usually wear too much color or does not like to take risks, the bracelets of the l'Essentiel collection are perfect for her. Simple Mother's Day bracelets with a jewelry box background that are also water-resistant thanks to their 3-micron gold plating.

Again, the bracelets of this collection are super combinable with the pendants of the same collection. Being completely golden pendants made by links of different sizes and shapes, your mother will be able to complete her collection with these pieces of jewelry box design.Gold Mother's Day bracelets water resistant.


Personalize your Mother's Day gift

The icing on the cake to make your gift perfect will be to personalize it with a note dedicated to your mother, we have no doubt that this will make the jewel you give even more special.

When you place your order you can write your dedication in notes, and from LAVANI we will write it by hand and send it with your order.

Handwritten note for Mother's Day bracelets and rings orders Lavani Jewels


We hope you have been inspired by our ideas of bracelets and rings for Mother's Day. If you want more inspiration on what to give on this day we have many other options in our section Mother'S DAY JEWELRY JEWELRY.


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