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10 gift ideas for Valentine's Day

One thing is clear: Valentine's Day is coming and you want to give a gift to your partner, your friend, or someone you love and want to surprise, but... you are not sure how to do it. No panic! We have prepared a list with 10 gift ideas for Valentine's Day 2023 .

Do you trust us? Here are 10 gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

For starters, you know you want to give a gift to that special person and that's already an important step. Now we just need to show you our best options so that you end up falling in love with all of them and get a gift for Valentine's Day with which to surprise him or her.

Gold plated key pendant combined with moon phase choker

As you may already know, we are in love with giving jewelry for Valentine's Day, we find it a very romantic gift, a very special detail and a unique and personal way to show love of any kind, so... discover our 10 gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

1. A reinvented classic: Giving a golden initial golden initial pendant is a detail that has always been present and is also a sure hit, but we want to give a twist to this gift: be sure to think of a name, time or special person and choose that initial, without staying merely in the initial of his own name. It's a different Valentine's Day gift idea and a way to always keep that person or situation in mind.
    2. Show her how much you know her: If you want your gift to be very personalized, here's a gift idea for Valentine's Day 2023 that won't fail. There is nothing nicer than a golden pendant with the symbol of his Zodiac. She'll be able to wear her horoscope every day and, if you're even more romantic, you can also give her yours to wear together. Our golden horoscope pendants work with charms: choose the chain you like the most and you can get the with charms of different Zodiac symbols to create personalized combinations full of meaning. Now that's love!
      3. Choose her outfit for Valentine's Day: a dinner and a jewel is a perfect match, but if you also add a special touch, all the better. Our third gift proposal for Valentine's Day: invite her to dinner at her favorite restaurant and tell her that you will help her choose her outfit to match the gift you have bought her. Choose an eye-catching piece of jewelry for her to wear on special occasions!
        4. The most relaxing Valentine's Day gift: We all need that moment when we make ourselves beautiful: we get a manicure, we apply creams on our face and we ask someone to give us a massage but... what if this time you pamper that special person a little bit and take her to a spa to get it done by a professional? But what if this time you pamper that special someone a little and take her to a spa to have it done by a professional? She'll love it for sure! And if you go together, even better.
        5. A ring to match the size: many times, we discard giving rings because we do not know the size of our partner and it is better not to make a mistake, but think about it the other way around. If you give your partner a ring and it is the perfect size, she will realize how much you care about her gift. We tell you choose the perfect ring size. And if you still find this Valentine's Day gift idea too complicated? choose an adjustable ring! They are rings without size that you can adjust according to your size.
          6. If she already has a thousand pieces of jewelry: Then this is your perfect opportunity to give that special someone a place to keep her jewelry so she can take it with her at any time. Give her a traveljewelry box (which can also be a hint to think about your next destination). With this Valentine's Day gift idea you will show that you know who you are giving as well as giving something useful that you know for sure she will use a lot.
            7. A jewel forever: this gift is designed for the most sentimental people, for whom everything has a meaning and are a bit collectors. For these people, the best gift idea for Valentine's Day is a beautiful and original jewelry that will last a long time, so forget about the fast fashion industry and look for jewelry that has a unique meaning, such as our Lovers pendant, which symbolizes the commitment between two people who love each other and their commitment in the relationship.
              8. New look is coming: Surely your partner has always wanted to get a hair treatment, a little nourishment, a straightening or balayage to change the look and make all the jewels look different, well, the time has come to give him that whim!
              9. A crazy gift: If you are a daring person and you love to surprise your partner in the craziest ways, we have an idea: bake a cake at home, divide it in 2 and add a jewel inside. A ring is the best option, organize a plan to eat it and let her discover what's inside! 
                10. Netflix, chill & shine: Prepare some XXL popcorn, your favorite movie saga and a blanket to cover yourselves in any scene. The final touch? Some nice words accompanied by your Valentine's Day gift: the perfect jewel at the end of the movies to end the session with a good taste in your mouth. 

                  These have been our 10 gift ideas for this Valentine's Day 2023.

                  Now you can choose the one that is perfect for that special person: we know that there is at least one that will work for you, because for each person there is always a jewel, and Valentine's Day is the best time to give it as a gift.

                  And, if you think there are more than one that are ideal for her... you can save our post for other occasions! This way you can surprise your partner at another time when you feel like showing her that you love her.

                  Can you tell us which one you choose? We read you on Instagram: @lavani.jewels 


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