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Emerald stone properties

Emerald is one of the most coveted minerals in the world, one of the most sought after and desired stones for centuries, even more than diamond.

Discover all the secrets of the emerald and the properties and characteristics of the emerald, a mineral with great value.

It is one of the most complicated to obtain and that is why its value is the highest of all minerals, together with ruby and sapphire.

Emerald Stone LAVANI Jewels


1. Emerald Stone: Formation

The Emerald stone, like many others, was formed millions of years ago: magma from the center of the earth rose to the crust and cooled, thus forming various crystals that are very valuable today, due to their scarcity and rarity, as in this case, the Emerald.

Some of the most important deposits of Emeralds are located in Egypt, Zambia, Mozambique and Afghanistan.


Emerald stone deposit LAVANi Jewels

2. Emerald Stone: Legend

The Emerald, for many years, has been associated with financial stability, and with it, to all those high society families who could afford and wear this exclusive and hard to find gemstone.

As this stone is so closely associated with royalty and aristocracy, it has always been believed that its possession increased the wealth of all who possessed it. It was believed that the mineral strengthened relationships, increased the power and attracted the success of its owner.


3. Emerald Stone: Appearance

Emerald is a very appreciated mineral in the population due to its characteristic, beautiful and intense green color. It is a stone of the beryllium family that adopted that color due to the impurities of other components such as chromium or verillium, which makes it unique in the world.


Mental healing properties

Its high value, causes that numerous mental properties revolve around this stone for the benefit of whoever owns it:

  • Attracts prosperity
  • Protects personal relationships
  • Increases success
  • Attracts good luck
  • Protects from negative energies
  • Brings good luck


4. Emerald Stone: Healing and Physical Properties

It also possesses numerous physical healing properties such as:

  • Strengthening self-healing
  • Increase vitality
  • Improve cardiovascular capabilities
  • Increasing memory


5. Emerald stone: Horoscope

The Emerald stone is the great representative of the month of May. That is why all those born during this month will benefit from its properties. Taurus and Gemini are the zodiac signs most favored by this unique stone.


6. Emerald Stone: Curious facts

This stone is so valuable that its market constitutes 25% of the money that moves the jewelry and gemstone industry and sector. It is impressive, isn't it?


7. Emerald Stone: Jewelry

At LAVANI Jewels we have a collection of emerald birthstones that you are sure to love for their vibrant green color. The birthstone ring is one of our best sellers, its unique color brings a very special touch to the hands of our #LAVANIGirls.

Also, one of our most customizable and fun jewelry, are the Fragment necklaces, of which one, without a doubt, is in emerald green. You can combine it with Fragmenttitlenecklaces of stonestitle in other colors making it very personal or, with a golden chain providing more simplicity and elegance and keeping the green color as the protagonist.


8. Emerald Stone: How to keep our jewelry clean

To clean emerald jewelry, ALWAYS remember to go to an expert first, as it is a valuable piece of jewelry that we want to take care of as much as possible.

However, in our case, we propose an easy and safe way to clean your jewelry: wipe it with a cloth slightly dampened with warm water and neutral soap. Then dry it well with a chamois, it will be as good as new!


It is truly amazing, the value that a stone as unique, special and scarce as the Emerald can have. Undoubtedly, it is a jewel that we would all like to have!


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