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Mineral Aquamarine Stone: properties and significance

Do you know the aquamarine stone? Aquamarine is one of the most desired stones and used in jewelry. The aquamarine's aquamarine color, reminds us of the marine, which makes it unique and very loved.

Learn what is aquamarine and what are the properties of aquamarine stone that make this mineral one of the most desired.

In addition, the properties of aquamarine are related to the arrival of balance in our lives.

Aquamarine Minerals

Want to know more about aquamarine? We tell you all the secrets of the mineral aquamarine.



1. Meaning of Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine is a mineral from the beryl family. It is a very well known stone because the aquamarine color of the mineral reflects a soft blue with beautiful transparencies.

Light blue aquamarine stone

The name Aquamarine comes from its link to the sea, hence it is often referred to asthe sea water stone. The name comes from Agua derived from "Aqua" in Latin and the derivative of marine, "Marinus".


2. Chemical composition of aquamarine stone

Aquamarine belongs to the group of beryl minerals, which represent the group of "mother gems". Slight differences in the chemical formulation of the Aquamarine stone could give rise to stones as coveted as the Emerald or the Heliodoros.

The aquamarine mineral is formed by traces of iron that give a bluish touch to the stone and can go from an intense blue, to a light blue or even blue with green flashes.


3. Deposits where Aquamarine Mineral is found

Aquamarine stone deposits are found in places where pegmatite rocks predominate. Consequently, Aquamarine is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Australia and even parts of Europe. In fact, there is a very important deposit of Aquamarines in Galicia.

Aquamarine stone in a site in Galicia, Spain.


4. Aquamarine Properties

Aquamarine stone has very interesting calming properties for sensitive, shy or nervous people.

Aquamarine calms the soul and helps to find balance and strength to deal with the day to day life of people with more stress or shyness. It helps with tolerance to others, calming the mind and freeing it from those thoughts that torment us most.

One property of the magical Aquamarine stone is the cleansing of the throat through the alignment of the chakras.


5. Uses of Aquamarine Mineral

The use of the mineral aquamarine stone is closely linked to jewelry.

This stone is one of the protagonists in relation to engagement or wedding rings.

If you are wondering the price of aquamarine, it usually ranges from 20€ to 1000€, depending on the age of the aquamarine stone, its size, hardness and color.

Use of aquamarine for jewelry: earrings with aquamarine stone


6. Jewelry with aquamarine stone

If you are curious to discover some rings with aquamarine stone for marriage proposal, for your day to day as a whim or to help you with its properties, we bring you some very beautiful jewelry with aquamarine colored stone.

Ring with natural stone Aquamarine




Did you know that if you were born in March your birthstone is Aquamarine? In LAVANI, we have a collection of rings in which you can find the ring with your birthstone, in the case of those born in March, ring with Aquamarine stone, perfect for yourself or to give to a special person born that same month.

If you are looking for a special ring, Judy ring with aquamarine stone is for you. With a very subtle light blue aquamarine stone and handmade by hand.

Another option is a , a ring with aquamarine stone that will enchant you. It is a ring with zirconia in blue tones and a beautiful aquamarine center.

Also, you can find it very similar, but simpler with only two adorning the central aquamarine.

A ring with aquamarine more boho or hippie style, is the Stardust with a huge aquamarine stone and gold detail.

Last but not least, a ring that's really hot, our with Aquamarine The Empress, one of the best sellers due to its vibrant aquamarine color of the central stone.



Pendant with natural aquamarine stone

If you prefer the Aquamarine stone in necklace, we have the perfect option for you, this with Aquamarine mineral very elegant and simple that will recharge you with tranquility and self-confidence.


As you can see, aquamarine is a much loved stone because of its exceptional beauty. Bet on this mineral by wearing it in jewelry like these aquamarine rings and necklace with aquamarine. You will see the great changes it produces in your life thanks to the properties of Aquamarine. Show us your jewelry with Aquamarine on our networks


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