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Opal stone: meaning and properties

The world of stones and all that surrounds them make up a wonderful universe of which we are and want you to be a part. Today we talk about the Opal Stone, a precious stone that enhances personal power and nothing more and nothing less... protects you from external dangers.

Have you ever heard of Opal and its properties?

Opal is a mineraloid consisting of hardened silica gel. It contains no more and no less than 5% to 10% water and its structure is usually compact and amorphous. It is characterized by its reflective effect, due to the lattice of microscopic particles that compose it, through which light passes showing flashes of color. This is why we apply it in our designs. But what is the meaning of Opal?

opal birthstone ring

1. What is Opal?

The Opal mineral is very appreciated for the play of color of its reflections that vary according to the angle of observation. They are coveted for their stability, which is an important criterion to take into account in a gemstone containing 6% water. The word "Opal" emanates from the word "úpala", which translates as "precious stone". However, from that word derived the Greek word "opallios", which is synonymous with "stone good for the eyes", and from it came the Latin noun "opalus", which means "jewel of different colors".

2. Properties of Opal

A typical phenomenon of opalescence is the slight shimmering light that slides over its surface, known as opalescence. The effect is a consequence of the interferences that the light encounters: the light diffuses between the subtle layers of the stone, creating this wonderful effect.

opal halo necklace

3. Opal Colors

Opals that show color play are differentiated among them according to the matrix rock and the resulting transparency and color.

Black Opal: a black background color that can be opaque with some translucency, especially if exposed to an intense light source.

Gray Opal: specimens of this variety are generally considered as "Black" or "Dark", but can be distinguished if they have a gray, translucent or opaque body.

White Opal: also known as "Clear Opal" is a very fashionable gemstone. It can be translucent or opaque with a white body.

Welo opal: it has an electric-neon color and different shapes on its white, yellow or amber body.

Jelly Opal: don't miss it...it can be transparent or translucent due to the absence of the parent rock or also called "Mother Rock".

Opals with matrix: every Opal that has the matrix rock in its anterior part are called "Opals with Matrix".

Fire Opal: this is a transparent or translucent Opal crystal, with no color play, but instead exhibits wonderful orange, red, yellow and also blue shades.

Peruvian Opal: a rare variety that shows beautiful translucent blues, pinks and greens, without any color play.

Yellow and green translucent Opals: are another variety of Opal without color play found in Tanzania.

Lavani blackberry opal ring

Opal: spiritual significance

This gemstone enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions, stimulates originality and creativity, helping to express the true self as well as teaching you that what you give ends up coming back to you. Psychologically it boosts self-esteem and helps you understand your own potential.

We hope you liked the blog about Opal as much as we did! Go to and find all our jewels made with Opal!


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