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Iolite stone: properties and much more.

Being the Iolite one of the most visually stunning gemstone specimens par excellence, it seems difficult to think that the rest of the properties and characteristics of this stone could be up to the circumstances. However, today we can tell you that, without a doubt, they are!

Find out all about Iolite and its amazing properties!

Iolite stone properties

Iolite is characterized by being a very popular stone in the market. So much so that it can be used as an object of meditation, as a talisman or as an amulet. However, its hardness and appearance make it a very recurrent stone in the world of jewelry, replacing the Sapphire.

Read on and find out all about Iolite! 

1. What is Iolite?

Iolite is a variety of Cordierite, belonging to the group of silicates and cyclo-silicates. It is characterized by growing in contact metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks and gneiss. In addition, it is usually found in granite deposits, embedded in granular masses.

The Iolite stone is mainly composed of magnesium and aluminum with iron and is characterized for being a translucent and polychromatic gemstone thanks to the effect that light and its variations can have on its colors, making it visible in many different colors depending on the angle.

Regarding the deposits where we can find it, there are few notorious deposits where we can find this gem. However, some notable locations are Brazil, India, Myanmar, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and USA. In addition, it is thought that, some time ago, the Vikings found deposits of Iolite in the territories of Greenland and Norway.

2. Meaning of Iolite

Being many of the incredible properties that we can talk about with respect to the Iolite, its name has always seemed to us something super interesting since there are multiple origins that explain each of the meanings that can be given to it.

If we have known this stone as "Iolite", you should know that this name comes from the Greek name "ios" whose meaning is "violet", in honor of the precious violet tones that usually characterize the stone.

If, on the other hand, you belong to the group of those who know it as Cordierite, its origin lies in the famous French mineralogist Pierre Antoine Cordier who discovered this precious stone in the 19th century.

Last but not least, for those who have known it as Dicroita, its meaning comes from the Greek in honor of the "two colors", which referred to its great pleochroism.

3. Properties of Iolite

If we talk about the properties of Iolite, its incredible and precious color is something that is certainly worth talking about.

Iolite stone is characterized by different shades ranging from light blue to deep blue, being the deepest colors the most valued in the market. However, the name "ios" is not in vain and is that, along with the blue, Iolite stone often has certain purplish tints that make it incredibly attractive to the eye.

Iolite stone magical properties

Likewise, light is a crucial factor when we talk about the Iolite stone because, depending on how it hits it, beyond blue and violet, we can appreciate colors like green or gray and even yellowish. That is, according to the orientation of the crystal, our perception of color will be different. This implies that a cube cut in Lolita will appear blue and violet on one side, colorless on the other and yellow-brown on top.

Other relevant properties of Iolite are that, with respect to hardness, Iolite has a degree of hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. It is much softer than Sapphires and, in addition, it does not fluoresce.

4. Magical properties of Iolite

Regarding the magical properties, the Iolite is considered the gem of vision, associated with the sixth chakra, which is called the third eye. With this, it is said that it has the ability to increase the clarity of dreams and facilitate visions, being the stone that evokes memories. It also serves to enhance introspection, while improving the connection with knowledge, being able to see things more clearly and understanding your environment better than ever.

Regarding the magical properties in the body, the Iolite stone is known to activate nutrition, strengthen the body, the immune system and achieve a better understanding of the human mind, promoting detoxification and helping to eliminate addictions and dependencies to certain products. In the same way, it helps to calm nerves and stress, while balancing emotions.

5. Jewelry with Iolite in LAVANI

As we mentioned at the beginning, the incredible properties of the Iolite made it become one of the stones that conquered our eyes and hearts when we started with this adventure that is LAVANI. Therefore, among our pieces, you can find jewelry plated in 22K gold and made with this precious translucent stone, among which you can find La Birthstone Virgo, combinable with the interchangeable pendants of the signVirgo sign, the titlegolden necklace with Virgo zodiac sign charmsVirgotitleZodiactitlenecklacetitle, as well as the Triple Necklace of the same sign.

Options with which you can combine with other pieces such as our or our Manhattan multicolor earrings or the Thelma bluetitleearringstitle, to give them that touch of brightness and color!

Enter in and discover all the ways you can wear the Iolite stone with you!


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