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Fluorite stone: mineral, colors, composition...

Some of you may already know the Fluorite stone, but it never hurts to remember that it is a very common mineral that is famous for being one of the most colorful minerals with important energetic and physical properties. Do you want to know everything about Fluorite?

Fluorite stone: mineral, colors, composition...

We tell you all about the Fluorite stone in this post!

1. Fluorite Stone: Composition

Let's get a little more technical... Fluorite is a fairly common mineral that we find within the halide group, and today its origin is mostly magmatic, and we can find it in deposits in China, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, South Africa, Spain and Namibia.

They are binary compounds, Fluorite in particular is a mineral formed by fluorine and calcium, and its chemical formula is written CaF2.

This formula is very simple, and has a hardness of 4 on a scale of 10, so the mineral can be easily grated and worked with steel. This allows us to give it different shapes and uses, among which we find stones for meditation, and what we like the most, jewelry with Fluorite.

Fluorite Stone Colors

2. Fluorite Stone: Colors

As for colors, the Fluorite stone is known for the diversity and variety of them, but really its color in this pure one is practically transparent, without any coloration.

The name of this mineral comes from the Latin "fluere" which means to flow. Also "fluorescence" derives from fluorite, and we relate it to the fact that many specimens emit this effect.

It is very difficult to find Fluorite in its pure semitransparent color, the colors that we find in nature and with which it is usually worked are bluish green, green, purple, yellow... and in some cases, we find them with bicolor stripes or even multicolored fluorites.

Fluorite has always stood out for the richness of its colors, but surely you did not know a curious fact that fascinates and surprises us? is that in some cases Fluorite can change depending on the brightness and light.

 Fluorite mineral colors

3. Fluorite Stone: Properties

Fluorite has important energetic and physical properties that will surely interest you:

As for the energetic properties:

  1. Fluorite is a highly protective stone, it helps to stop external influences that can affect us negatively.
  2. It is a mineral that cleanses, purifies and stabilizes the aura, while expelling negative energies and tensions.
  3. Promotes fairness and intuition while aiding learning development.
  4. Fluorite helps those groups that have a common goal to dissolve fixed ideas and go beyond, bringing union.
  5. Normally, when found in green, it relieves anger and is effective in states of sadness.
  6. Detoxifies from emotional overflows, calming fears and reducing stress.

In terms of physical properties:

  1. Fluorite helps the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, especially the respiratory tract.
  2. It protects us from electromagnetic radiation, such as from our computer screens.
  3. Strengthens bones and teeth thanks to the help they provide for the absorption of calcium.
  4. This mineral helps with joint problems such as arthritis.
  5. Relieves allergy disorders with psychosomatic origin.
  6. Fluorite is also useful for people with memory loss, disorientation or lack of balance.

Fluorite blue mineral

Now that you know Fluorite and all that this colorful mineral can bring to your life, take a look at how we use it in our protective energy-charged jewelry!  ¡Fluorite Teguise Necklace will become your new amulet! And if you are looking for something more discreet, the Necklace Aquamarine Raw Stone Necklace is perfect to carry fluorite always with you.

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