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What is color block and how to learn to use it

Last 2022 one of the trend colors was the color block. And this year has not been left behind. This is a tool that will allow you to combine all kinds of garments. At LAVANI we want to help you get the most out of your looks, and for that in this blog we will allow you to discover this trend as well as help you learn how to use it. Stay to read more and dive into color blocking!

Discover the color block and learn how to use it

  1. What is color block?

The color block is a trend that emerged in 2022 as a tool to combine two or more garments of different and striking colors to contrast a look. In this way, the objective of color block is to achieve a contrast between the different shades of an outfit, thus forming different color blocks. Hence its name "color block".

The year 2022 had bright and flashy colors as a trend, this year this cheerful fashion has decided to continue to be present. Therefore, the importance of the color block comes back to the forefront. And for all those who do not understand what this tool is and how to use it, in LAVANI we wanted to solve all your doubts.

However, the color block does not only include bright colors, but also pastel shades. The important thing is that both colors chosen are of opposite shades, in order to obtain the desired result.

Color block that is

  1. Types of color blocking

There are three types of color block: monochromatic, with color contrast and with color families.

The monochromatic color block, as its name suggests, consists of achieving a total look in a single tone.

To achieve a color block with contrasting color you should choose two colors, one more neutral and the other more powerful. For inspiration, you can take a color wheel, and choose one of them, and to achieve the color block choose the shade just opposite the chosen color. And if you choose more than two colors, you can form an imaginary triangle on this wheel.

And finally, the color block with color families stands out for achieving a look of the same tone, but with different shades and gradations of it. For example, you can choose to wear different shades of purple: lilac, deep purple, bluish purple, etc.

Color block trend 2022

  1. Tips to learn how to use color block

The color block theory might catch your attention and you might want to apply it for some events or for your daily life. However, it can be a bit complicated to get it right the first time. The insecurity for having combined the wrong colors, knowing if those colors really suit you or not looking very you are some of the things that can go through your head.

Some tips to keep in mind to get a good blocked color in your look are to choose plain garments. The outfit will stand out for its colors, so there is no need for textures or prints. Also, if you think that bright and powerful colors are not your thing, you can opt for softer and lower tones.

If you are new to this and don't see how it can look good on you, you can start by combining neutral colors like black, white or nude. Add a piece of color and you will get a color block look.

Another trick we bring you is to play with darker colors and add them to those areas of the body that you want to conceal, and the most striking colors in the areas you want to highlight.

If you want to follow the color block trend, be aware of the colors that are trending this year. This will allow you to follow the trend 100%.

And finally, if you want to go for a color block outfit, you can choose to combine accessories, such as jewelry, with the same colors as your clothes, or you can opt for neutral jewelry to highlight the colors of your look.

  1. Jewelry for your color block looks

There are several color block looks that stand out this year. For those who decide to go for green and blue, they can opt for neutral jewelry, such as the Green Lia Earrings, or add a touch of color with jewelry in the same tones, such as the Blue Paramount Earrings or the Chrysler Rectangular Earrings.

Color blocking

If you choose yellow with a reddish-orange tone, the Cocrodile Earrings would be a good choice, but also the Thelma Earrings would be ideal with this color combination.

color blocking

And if you choose to combine the colors green and fuchsia, which are becoming more and more common together, our number one choice is the Metropolis Fuchsia and Green Earrings. But a pair of Opera Triangle Earrings can also be perfect for this combination.

Color blocking outfits



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