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Stones linked to the signs of the horoscope

The jewelry you wear has to represent you and be true to your personality, so, just as each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, there will also be stones that represent you more or less.

Find out which stones are linked to each zodiac sign!

Today in LAVANI we tell you all about the horoscope stones and what jewelry you can wear with you.

Read on and enter the world of protective stones!

1. Aries

This zodiac sign is associated with the energy and vitality of spring, since those born between March 21 and April 20 belong to this sign. It is the first sign and its symbol is the ram for its independence and energetic personality.

aries horoscope stones

Aries are independent people with great courage and unafraid to face challenges, so they also tend to be ambitious in all aspects of their lives. With these characteristics, the stones that will go best with this sign are: aquamarine, red jasper, white topaz, tiger's eye and ruby.

But among them all, white topaz is the birthstone of Aries and the one that will bring you that calm and tranquility that this fire sign needs. That's why with a piece of jewelry like the Aries Birthstone Chain from the Zodiac collection, you can always carry it with you.

This chain can be combined with other jewelry with the other aries stones, such as the Stardust Aquamarine Bracelet, the Abril Topaz Ring or the Olivenza Ruby Necklace.


Taurus women are those born between April 21 and May 21 and have a great capacity for persistence and stability. Their symbol is the bull because of their stubborn, strong and focused personality.

 taurus horoscope stones

Therefore, the stones that will go best with this zodiac sign will be: emerald, rose quartz, topaz and green agate. The first one being the protective stone for Taurus, as the emerald will help them to keep that patience and eliminate negative energies from their life. With the Taurus Birthstone Chain, this green gemstone will protect you.

In addition, with other jewelry such as the Kasia Rose Quartz Ring or the Olivenza Agate Headband, the rest of Taurus stones will accompany you.

3. Gemini

If you were born between May 21 and June 21, you belong to this air sign known for its duality. Their symbol is two twins because of the dual and sociable personality associated with this zodiac sign. Geminis are people with great versatility and intelligence who always like to be surrounded by people.

gemini horoscope stones

The pearl is the gemstone par excellence of this sign and with the Gemini Birthstone Chain you will be able to wear its natural beauty and elegance every day.

In addition, you can combine it with other jewelry such as the Capri Earrings with the aquamarine stone, the Piedraluna Junio Ring or the Amal Earrings with the Piedraluna stone.

4. Cancer

This water sign is the fourth of the horoscope and people born between June 22 and July 22 belong to it. Cancers tend to have a very sensitive and emotional personality who value the protection and well-being of their environment.

cancer horoscope stones

That is why the stones that are in tune with this sign are the ruby, the moonstone, the tourmaline and the emerald. Ruby is the most important stone for this sign, as it will give you that confidence with which you can have stronger ties with your friends. With the Cancer Birthstone Chain you can make the properties of this stone accompany you.

Discover more jewelry with Cancer protective stones such as the Pedraza Tourmaline Necklace, the Stardust Ruby Ring or the Emerald Green Chevalier Ring.

5. Leo

Leo is a person born between July 23rd and August 23rd and is the fifth zodiac sign. The symbol that represents them is the lion, because of the strength and courage associated with this sign. Leo's personality is characterized by being passionate, energetic and very loyal.

leo horoscope stones

For that reason, the jewels that go best with this personality are: peridot, ruby, tiger's eye and amber. Although the truth is that his birthstone is the peridot, since it has great healing properties that will protect him and that you can wear with the Leo Birthstone Chain.

Other jewels that accompany the Leo's personality are: the Peridot August Ring, the Mora Tiger Eye Ring or the Thar Ruby Earrings.

6. Virgo

If you were born between August 24 and September 22, you belong to the sixth sign of the zodiac whose symbol is the maiden or virgin. This symbol is associated with the pure, honest and innocent personality of the Virgo.

virgo horoscope stones

The birthstone with the greatest affinity of this sign is the Iolite, as it is related to the third eye chakra and thus you will get more clarity to better understand your environment. You can wear this stone with the Virgo Birthstone Chain.

But you can also find other stones with great properties for this sign, such as the Mulberry Sodalite Ring, the Multicolored Sapphire Necklace or the Padma Stone Moonstone Necklace.

7. Libra

Libra people are those born between September 23 and October 22. This sign is represented by the scales, since their personality is characterized by being balanced, fair and harmonious. Librans are people with a constant search for balance and who value aesthetics and beauty. Although the difficulty to make decisions is also something that affects them in their day to day.

libra horoscope stones

Thus, the stone that will help them defend themselves against hostilities from the outside and clear their minds is lapis lazuli. With the Birthstone Libra Chain you can carry this stone with you at all times.

In addition, you can combine it with other jewelry with protective stones such as the Blue Stardust Ring, the Rose Quartz Teardrop Pendant or the Sirius Earrings.

8. Scorpio

Those born between October 24 and November 22 belong to this water sign. The symbol to which Scorpio is associated is the scorpion because of the passionate, transforming and enigmatic personality of this sign. They are also very sensitive and intense people because of the water energy that accompanies them.

scorpio horoscope stones

With these characteristics, the stones that go in tune with this sign are chalcedony, malachite, opal and tourmaline. But among all of them, chalcedony is the one that brings the most benefits to a Scorpio, since it is considered the stone of generosity and you can wear it with the Scorpio Birthstone Chain.

Other jewels with protective stones for a Scorpio are: the Malachite Teardrop Pendant, the Mulberry Opal Ring or the Flaming Tourmaline Earrings.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are those born between November 23 and December 23. The symbol associated with this sign is the archer because of its adventurous, optimistic and energetic personality.

sagittarius horoscope stones

The stones that go best with this enthusiastic personality are: blue topaz, lapis lazuli, amethyst and citrine. Blue topaz is the most important, as its properties include communication, balance and softness. With the Sagittarius Birthstone Chain you can have that protection always with you.

In addition, you can combine it with other jewelry with Sagittarius stones such as The Empress Purple Ring, the Topaz Blue December Ring or the Brute Stone Purple Pendant.

10. Capricorn

The tenth zodiac sign is the sign of people born between December 23 and January 21. Its symbol is the goat because of the ambitious, persistent and determined personality that characterizes Capricorns.

capricorn horoscope stones

With these characteristics, the stone of greatest affinity is black onyx, because for a Capricorn to wear this stone will give her the vigor, strength and perseverance she needs to achieve that harmony day by day. Take it with you with the Capricorn Birthstone Chain!

But also other jewels with protective stones are the Black Idol Ring, the January Garnet Ring or the Atienza Tourmaline Necklace.

11. Aquarium

If you were born between January 21 and February 19, you belong to this air sign whose symbol is the water bearer. This symbol is associated with this innovative, sociable and avant-garde personality so typical of Aquarians. They are also known for their independence and concern for the welfare of their environment.

aquarius horoscope stones

The birthstone for Aquarius is the amethyst, as it provides lucidity and sharpness among many properties. Discover the Aquarius Birthstone Chain and you will always carry this stone with you!

In addition to this, there are other stone jewelry with protective powers such as the Mora Amethyst Ring or the Teguise Fluorite Necklace and they complement great!

12. Pisces

Those born between February 20 and March 20 belong to this last sign. The symbol to which Pisces are associated is the fish, because of their emotional, intuitive and creative personality. They are also known for their ability to adapt to different situations and to be flexible if necessary.

pisces horoscope stones

So with these characteristics the stone that will go best with a Pisces is the aquamarine Chalcedony, because with its calming properties it will also give you that courage you need every day to face new challenges. With a jewel as beautiful as the Pisces Birthstone Chain you will be able to wear it every day.

Other jewelry with stones linked to this sign are the Cotton Aquamarine Ring, the Mulberry Turquoise Ring and The Empress Necklace.

If you want to know more about horoscopes and their stones, enter The Lavazine and find out!


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