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Eye of Horus: jewelry and its meaning

Surely you have already seen this Ancient Egyptian symbol in many necklaces and tattoos, but do you know its meaning and its power as an amulet?

Discover the origin of this well-known symbol and how you can take it with you!

horus eye symbol

Today at LAVANI we tell you everything you need to know about the " all-seeing eye " and what properties it hides.

Read on to delve into the world of ancient Egypt and its amulets!

1. Eye of Horus: meaning and origin

The Eye of Horus is one of the best-known symbols of the Egyptian world and many people carry this amulet with them, either in a tattoo or in jewelry. But do you know what it means?

eye of horus egypt

It represents the eye of the god Horus and its origin is in a battle that Horus fought to avenge his father Osiris, since he had died in the Nile River at the hands of his own brother Seth. Horus confronts Seth and it is in that battle that he loses his left eye and ends up torn into 6 parts. Those six pieces represented the senses: sight, smell, thought, touch, taste and hearing. Then the god of wisdom, Thoth, finds them and fixes the eye, which is why it symbolizes rebirth and healing.

Today this symbol is also known as the all-seeing eye and in Egyptian " udjat " which means " the one who is complete ". Although it is also related to other names such as the eye of Cleopatra or the eye of Anubis, they really have no relation to the original story.

This popular amulet has been attributed protective and healing properties and was used to protect both the living and the dead from disintegrating after embalming.

2. Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra

There are many who confuse the eye of Horus with the eye of Ra, but did you know why?

eye of ra and eye of horus

The truth is that they are two quite similar amulets, but each one has a different origin. The eye of Horus represents the left eye of said god, while the other is the right eye of the god Ra. According to Egyptian culture, that of Horus represents the moon and that of Ra, the sun.

Both have protective and healing powers, although the eye of Ra is more associated with strength and destruction and that of Horus with clarity and healing.

3. Eye of Horus: properties

There are many properties of this symbol and as its name indicates, since Ancient Egypt it was associated with protective powers against the evil eye, as it was even used on mummies. The eye of Horus represents health, prosperity and indestructibility, so taking it with you in the form of a tattoo or in some jewelry will give you that protection you are looking for.

In addition, the Egyptian legend about its origin teaches us how important renewal is and seeing beyond what our eyes perceive.

4. Jewelry and amulets

There are many ways to carry this powerful amulet with you and in the form of a jewel is one of them. The Egyptians already did it and it used to be a very popular gift to the closest friends and relatives on special occasions.

This powerful amulet will help you keep those negative energies away and will fill your decisions with clarity, so what are you waiting for to take it with you?

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Did you know the history of this symbol? Enter our website and discover the new collection of amulets!


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